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About this Wooden Phone Cases

  • The unique Design Pattern on the case makes your phone different and eyes-catching
  • User-Friendly made with high-quality materials. Silky-soft touch and good grip. The soft inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free.
  • Highly Protective Raised edges offer extra protection for the camera and screen. Anti-fingerprint
  • Precise Cutouts Easy access to all controls and features


  • Slim fit, thin, lightweight, sturdy but not bulky.
  • Grippy Texture High-quality materials make for a non-slip grip and comfortable holding, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean.
  • Screen & Back protection Slightly raised lips to protect the screen and camera from scratches and cracks; The interior is smooth and will not scratch the back of your phone when you put it in
  • Full Coverage & Flexible Bottom All four corners are durable for high-grade drop protection, and the bottom of this case is flexible, which will make swipe-up gestures much more comfortable and smoother on your phone.

What Are the Advantages of Phone Cases?

Phones have become an essential part of daily life. People nowadays use phones for more than just making and receiving phone calls. There's so much more you can do with your phone. With the advancement of technology, you can use your phone to watch the news, play online games, interact on social media, store your favorite images and videos, and even check calendars.

As a result, it is critical to provide optimum protection for your smartphone by purchasing mobile phone covers. The following are the benefits of using phone cases to protect your phone from harm.

Increases Durability

Every smartphone user wishes to make use of their preferred features on their mobile device. Smartphones range in terms of their built-in characteristics; some are more durable than others and may necessitate specific care.

For example, because Android phones and iPhones are delicate, they require covers to preserve their gadgets. A phone cover functions as a layer that increases the longevity of your smartphone by safeguarding its inside components.

Aesthetic Characteristic

Smartphone cases are typically appealing. There are several appealing styles of phone covers available on the market. So, if you're a fashion fanatic, you should get one that's right for you. Thanks to phone case makers, you may find a variety of new styles wherever you go.

Phone Cases Preserve the Value of Your Phone

If you provide optimum protection for your phone, it will not lose value. If your old phone is in good condition, you may get a new one by selling it.

Consider the individual to whom you are selling your old device as you assist yourself by purchasing a new phone. If your equipment is in good condition, you will be able to sell it for a profit. Buyers will be eager to delve deep into their pockets to acquire your smartphone if it has been adequately safeguarded.

It safeguards your phone against physical damage and cracks.

Phone cases, in addition to protecting your phone from abuse and slips, operate as barriers between your surroundings and your smartphone. Covers keep your gadget clean while also protecting it from the impacts of water damage. It's also upsetting to notice cracks, chips, and scratches on your brand-new smartphone. Phone covers are also resistant to heat and dust.

You can shield your phone from being dropped, but it will ultimately wear out after some use. As a result, it's a good idea to invest in smartphone covers to provide a protective covering and keep your phone free of chips, scratches, and cracks.

Grip is provided by phone covers.

Because of their sleek form, which consists of metal and glass, modern cellphones are extremely prone to falls. Despite its sleek appearance, your tablet might easily slide out of your grasp.

Make sure to include a phone cover to avoid loosing your grasp on your phone. Phone covers are generally constructed of plastic and synthetic leather, which provides better grip and a more pleasant feel in your hands. You may also use your photo to make a unique and appealing phone cover.


Nothing should prevent you from purchasing a smart phone case. To protect your phone from harm, you may go to smartphone stores or look for phone cases online.

With a phone cover, you may comfortably use your phone anywhere without fear of it being dropped. Humans make mistakes, and your phone might fall at any time; thus, it is critical to get a phone cover to safeguard your device. Phone cases are also quite inexpensive, so you don't have to be concerned about their costs.

Isn't an ultra-functional hardwood phone cover a bit of a stretch? Do you think you can't have a phone cover made of wood that provides maximum protection? Consider it again. Here are three reasons why you should use a wooden phone cover.

Wooden phone cases can provide excellent protection.

When you think of highly protective phone cases, you might think of aramid fiber cases or leather covers with extremely robust designs. Wood may appear untrustworthy in contrast, but it can be utilized to make some of the most protective cases on the market. The stiffness of the materials of a phone is the most critical aspect in determining its protectivity. To prevent your phone from torsion (a fancy technical phrase for "twisting") when dropped, the materials your cover is comprised of must be incredibly stiff. This stiffness stops your phone from moving when it strikes the ground, preventing harmful damage to your gadget. Unfortunately, it is pretty feasible for hardwood phone covers to be extremely stiff and inflexible.

Wooden phone cases retain maximum functionality.

There's no need to sacrifice your phone's inherent functionality when choosing a hardwood phone cover. Because wood is such a flexible material, it is quite conceivable to be thin enough to support Qi-certified wireless charging or MagSafe magnetic connection through the casing. And, due to the stiffness above, it may be ultra-thin while remaining ultra-protective. Wooden phone cases do not require you to give up any of your phone's functionality.

Wooden phone covers may also be quite handy on their own. Our Limitless 3.0 wooden phone covers are created using cutting-edge AutoAlign+TM technology. AutoAlign+TM is our exclusive technology of 20 perfectly positioned magnets that magnetically link your hardwood phone case to various ultra-useful accessories. For example, in addition to compatible card wallets and phone mounts, we offer a selection of AutoAlign+TM wireless chargers. The AutoAlign+TM magnetic design magnetically binds your phone to the charger, delivering a high-speed charge every time. And it's all contained within a hardwood phone cover.

If you own an iPhone 12, you might be looking for a wooden phone cover that works with Apple's MagSafe magnetic technology. This is where Limitless 4.0 comes into play. Limitless 4.0 is offered in two wood finishes, bamboo and walnut, which provide unparalleled access to all areas of the MagSafe universe. In addition, we've designed a magnetic design on the back of our Limitless 4.0 hardwood phone covers that matches the magnetic structure on the back of your iPhone 12. Clever.

Wooden Phone Cases Are Eye-Catching

The most significant reason you should try a hardwood phone cover is that they look fantastic. Wooden patterns give your phone an entirely distinctive look that will stick out in a sea of plastic-backed caps. Our wooden cases are created from carefully sourced, one-of-a-kind genuine wood. No two cases are alike: each is unique, made from distinct wood grain. A wooden phone cover is the most excellent method to ensure that you get a chance that suits your individual style.

10 Reasons to Use a Wooden Phone Case

One thing is sure when it comes to phone accessories: not all items are made equal. This could not be further from the truth. Plastic phone covers, docks and charging stations, and other widely available phone accessories do not make the grade. At MORE Covers, we take pleasure in handcrafting hardwood phone cases for your prized possessions.

Why are wooden phone covers used?

Did you realize that buying plastic ones may be doing more damage than good to your health and the environment? This was one of the motivators for us to start manufacturing wooden phone covers, which are entirely safe, sustainable, recyclable, and connect you to nature.

Our wooden phone covers are manufactured from various types of wood, and we are impressed with their timeless and practical design and their one-of-a-kind feel. In addition, the combination of renewable resource wood (FSC certified) and a TPU frame flawlessly protects your phone and makes it stand out from the crowd.

If you've ever purchased a wooden phone cover that was made entirely of wood, it most likely shattered the first or second time it landed on the floor. Isn't that bad? It does secure your phone, but only for a short period of time. After that, the phone was safe, but not the phone case. We hoped to prevent this issue when we first started making them.

Our phone cases are protected by a TPU frame that is 100 percent recyclable, and we have a program that gives these cases a second chance. We adore nature and make every effort to keep it clean and safe. That is why we must constantly adhere to the philosophy of REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!

10 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Phone Case for Your Phone, and Why Wooden Phone Cases Are Better Than Plastic Cases

  1. One-of-a-kindness: You like one-of-a-kindness if you're anything like us. Because no two pieces of wood are alike, each wooden phone cover is just that: individual and one-of-a-kind. This is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind phone cover.

  1. Sturdiness – Did you know that wooden phone cases are far more durable than plastic ones? Plastic phone covers may bend, crack, melt, and chip over time, but hardwood phone cases are highly sturdy, long-lasting, and non-fragile.

  1. Improves with Age: It is true that wood gets more helpful and appealing with age. Unlike plastic, which warps, chips, wears away, splits, and even melts with time, our hardwood phone accessories are almost maintenance-free. In addition, your hardwood phone cover will develop your personality over time. Those minor nicks, dents, and knocks against your items will only add character and vitality to your accessories.

  1. Lightweight: Depending on the thickness of the wood veneer used, wooden phone covers may be pretty lightweight. Our hardwood phone covers are meant to be minimalist in appearance while still providing the necessary protection and originality. And don't worry, our hardwood phone covers are incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

  1. Selections, Options, Options: Another fantastic incentive to acquire a wooden phone cover is the variety of available wood options. You can select between Ziricote, a rare wood, and American Walnut if you like a dark wooden casing. We recommend Whitewood, Bird's Eye Maple, or Scandinavian Birch if you want lighter-colored containers. There are several different possibilities to select the one that appeals to you the most.

  1. Engraved Patterns: If you want to cover your phone with an engraved wooden phone case, we offer a variety of pre-made designs to pick from. Because of their distinctiveness and the feel of the engraved case in their hands, our consumers choose the etched pattern designs the most.

  1. Environmentally friendly: Wood emits significantly less carbon than other materials. Trees take carbon monoxide from the air as they grow and thrive, leaving behind clean, filtered air to enjoy. On the other hand, plastic manufacturing emits carbon into the atmosphere and a slew of other chemical compounds that damage the ozone layer, human health, and animals.

And that isn't all. When plastic phone covers shatter or get damaged, they are typically discarded in the trash. We all know that plastic is highly hazardous to the environment because it takes years to break down, whereas wood is biodegradable. By making such minor changes in their technological lifestyle, today's youth is becoming more environmentally conscious and moving toward a more environmentally friendly future.

  1. Beneficial to Health and Well-Being – According to research, more significant usage of wood provides quantifiable physiological and psychological health advantages. For example, workers are less stressed and more productive, kids learn better, patients heal quicker, and individuals are generally happier and calmer in settings with natural materials such as wood.

  1. Affordability – There is no need to spend a fortune on a phone cover made of only colored plastic that is the same one that five of your friends have. All hardwood phone covers are quite cheaply priced, and they provide the necessary protection for regular usage.

  1. Make a Statement:- We believe your phone case should reflect who you are, and we're sure it isn't dull. Our hardwood phone covers stand out, and we've heard hundreds of times how our clients have gotten praise on their phone cases on the first day of using them.

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