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Why is having a phone case preferable to not having a phone case?

Resale Value

Selling your old phone to pay for your new one is a terrific way to help someone else while also helping yourself. But, of course, the better condition your item is in, the more money you'll be able to get. Even saying things like "used phone case from day one" in the description can sometimes make people want to spend more money on what you're selling.

Have you purchased insurance?

Even if you did, coverage is limited, and you may be without a smartphone for days, if not weeks, while the other is serviced or replaced. So the bottom line is that you need a phone case, especially if you don't have insurance.

Resistance to Impact

We've all experienced a day like that. You understand what I mean. Those days when, no matter what you do, your head seems as if it's in a fog and nothing seems to work as it should, even your hands. One instance of butterfingers is all it takes to send your smartphone somersaulting down to the sidewalk. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to hold your breath hoping your screen wasn't broken into a million pieces when you tried to pick it up? So many cases these days, even the obvious ones, provide a solid level of drop protection for your smartphone. When it acts as a barrier between your sensitive phone and the asphalt, even a little coating of shock-absorbent TPU can rescue your screen from tragedy.

Appearance and Emotion

We've all heard phone users claim they prefer not to wear a case because they don't want to hide their device's design. But who says a phone cover can't be stylish? There are certain cases designed to provide optimum protection with the least amount of interruption. Some even improve the appearance and feel of your phone by using smooth silicone edges and curved corners.


Some of the best phone covers on the market cost less than $30. For that price, you could purchase a full-body case with a built-in touch-compatible screen protector, dual-layered TPU materials, and polycarbonate outer covers. In other words, the finest of the best – all the bells and whistles – for the price of a few decent lattes. Let's compare it to today's devices. With their edge-to-edge glass displays, glass bodies, and numerous camera lenses, today's cellphones are more than simply phones—and their prices only serve to remind us of that. Why not invest a little now in order to save a lot later?

Water Impact

Every phone includes ports, also known as apertures, through which water can enter. This might be the charging port, the headphone jack, the speakers, the microphone, or even the vent on your phone. While many of the most recent smartphones are water-resistant, it is still possible to cause water damage by immersing them in water, an accident that occurs very frequently.

When water seeps inside your phone, it might interfere with several of its essential functions. In the worst-case situation, it might penetrate your phone's internal circuitry and do significant harm. Water damage, in any situation, can mute the phone's audio, interfere with its capacity to charge, and even cause images to be fuzzy. Yet another reason to keep extra rice on hand.

Identify your desired features.

When searching for a phone case, consider the characteristics that are important to you. Because a thin case with your favorite design won't help you keep your phone steady for selfies.

Some cases have kickstands that let you put your phone down at an angle so that you can stream from your phone.

Determine your required level of protection.

Keep in mind that many of these designs are less protective if you're seeking something tiny and attractive. Choose a case with increased lip protection to keep the sides in place after a hard drop.

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are designed to safeguard your phone from scratches and smashing. While screen protectors are a terrific way to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches, the jury is still out on whether they do anything to keep your phone from shattering.

The major reason for this is how phone screens crack in the first place: by sustaining impact on the edges, which is how phones often fall to the ground. Screen protectors offer nothing to prevent fracturing at the edges.

Tempered glass is the only screen protector that will provide great shatter resistance. Despite being much thicker than most screen protectors, they work like a second screen for your phone.

In either case, screen protectors are really useful for one purpose: protecting your phone from becoming damaged. Scratches are not only ugly, but they can compromise the integrity of your phone's screen. When you choose to buy a new phone, the resale value of your old one goes down.

Phone Protective Case

The number of phone cases on the market nowadays might be bewildering. Regardless, they all function in the same way: by covering the back and corners of your phone.

Because fractures around the edges are the most common cause of phone screen shattering, a phone case will go a long way toward ensuring that your screen remains undamaged. On the other hand, a thick phone cover may add significant weight to your phone, which might be problematic if you drop it face-down.

Do phone cases assist in the prevention of damage?

The solution to this query is very dependent on the type of phone case in question. Some phone covers are only decorative items. Others, at best, will protect your phone from scuffs, marks, and scratches.

Certain cases, on the other hand, will protect your phone from all types of impact by covering the back and corners, and some will even protect it from water damage.

This is why it is critical to browse around for the best phone case. Once you've decided how much protection you want for your smartphone, you may select a phone cover that protects it from the types of harm that are prevalent with smartphones.

How can you tell if your phone is secure?

We all drop our phones, whether it's because they tumble out of our pockets, fly off our laps when we open the vehicle door, or we make a mistake when snapping a picture. Rubber or a shock-absorbing material should be used on the inside or outside of a phone case to reduce the shock or damage caused by a drop.

Phone Cases for an Active Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, whether it's running every morning or working out every night, you'll need a phone case that is both durable and shock-absorbing.

Nothing is worse than shattering your phone during your Monday morning exercise at 6:30 a.m., before you've even begun your week.

Also, bear in mind that if you have an active lifestyle, you may require an extra layer of protection. I'm not just talking about drops; I'm talking about germ and microbe prevention as well.That is why it is critical to choose a phone cover with anti-microbial properties.

These active lifestyle cases are a great combination of drop-proof protection, a stylish design, and antibacterial treatments that keep bacteria from growing on the case.

Clear Phone Cases

They're as strong as they are beautiful. As a result, more people are buying transparent phone covers that show off the beauty of their phones.

Keep in mind that many transparent phone covers will be yellow as a result of UV radiation and the oils in our skin or cosmetics.

As a result, it's very important to choose a clear phone cover with a coating that has been tested and proven not to fade or get yellowed because of oil on your body or sunlight.

Phone cases in different sizes

There are a plethora of phone cover alternatives available these days.

While we could go on and on about the many sorts, here's a quick rundown of some of the main options to consider:

Hard plastic case:

A hard case is essentially a casing for your phone. It protects the back and corners of your smartphone but does not cover much else. On the plus side, it easily clips onto your phone and may be quite lightweight.

Hard phone covers are available in several colors and styles, making them the ideal accessory if all you want is a beautiful aesthetic touch and protection against surface-level harm.

Silicone case

Silicone cases, like plastic covers, are designed to be snapped onto the phone. As a result, they're quite simple to put on because of their flexibility. They also feature a solid grip, which keeps them from slipping out of your hands.

While silicone covers don't come in the same variety of colors and designs as plastic cases, there is one obvious advantage to using a silicone phone case: they easily repel fingerprints.

Leather case

A leather cover is our go-to for making a smartphone seem incredibly premium. They're about the same weight as a silicone phone cover but feel far more luxurious to the touch.

Leather phone covers come in various hues and can develop their distinct patina over time. Leather phone cases are very durable and can last for a long time, making them a good long-term buy.


If you subject your phone to a lot of abuse, you should look for a phone cover that can survive all types of damage. Because of its raised, jagged edges, a heavy-duty phone cover will protect your phone from all sides.

Many of these phone covers are also waterproof, which is a benefit. This is a fantastic feature for both outdoor enthusiasts and beach bums.

Phone case wallet

A wallet phone cover is another thing to think about if you want to cut down on how much you carry around on a daily basis.

While the protection on this phone cover will not rescue your screen from a fall, that is not its primary function. Instead, if you consider yourself to be a conscientious phone user who seldom drops your phone, it's an adorable case that may help you reduce how much you carry around with you daily.

The most significant budget phone cases

This category contains a lot of budget possibilities; even if you're looking for particular features, you may be able to find a cheap mobile phone case that still has many, if not all, of the characteristics you were looking for. However, the market for these items is quite crowded, and it may be overwhelming to sift through endless pages of mobile phone covers that all feel the same. So, if you just want to protect your phone without breaking the bank, this is the best case we've found.

Here's what you can expect from low-cost phone accessories.

Finding good phone accessories on a budget is not difficult. Android phone covers tend to be reasonably priced. A case with military-grade drop protection, beveled edges, and scratch resistance is always available. Waterproofing, wallet designs, and the ability to use external lenses aren't likely to be added in the future.

Is a phone case necessary?

Many phone owners find that a phone cover adds an additional layer of security and protection to their pricey handsets. Many phone cases also try to get people to buy them by highlighting the fact that they protect the phone's screen and body from being broken.

Some people just like having phone covers to have numerous types for different moods, events, and even clothes. Of course, there's a whole market for those weird, amusing phone covers, but businesses like Casetify have combined appealing designs with safety measures to protect your phone.

In any case, having a phone cover on your phone is standard. However, several caseless phone users on the internet write about why they opted to drop the shell and leave their phones as naked as when they got them out of the box.

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