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The most excellent phone cases must safeguard our displays.

Because cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives, we usually carry them. As a result, they may sustain numerous scratches, drops, dents, or even water splashes. As a result, they are finding a case that provides protection has become a must in today's society.

Durable phone cases protect both our phones and our money. We'll look at different phone covers and materials so you can find a cover that keeps your phone secure while still looking good. So, what is the most significant sort of phone case?


If you're looking for the best slim phone case, silicone is also a good option. It's lightweight and non-bulky so that it won't take up much room, but it won't let you down when it comes to protection. In addition, these soft cases are both durable and convenient. So, what exactly is a softphone case?

Silicone is a soft, pliable substance composed of the naturally occurring component silicone (found in sand) and various petroleum-based compounds. Many people believe it is a preferable option to plastic. However, it is far from an environmentally beneficial alternative.

The grip aspect of silicone is one of its most delicate features; it grabs your smartphone well and provides tight protection. In addition, because it is a shock-absorbent material, it will absorb the impact of a fall rather than pass it to the phone.

Plastics and plastic-plastic hybrids

Plastic cases are frequently used for various purposes, including the following. They are available in several colors and styles, and since they are so simple to produce, they are typically relatively inexpensive.

The price factor is kept low because polycarbonate (or PC) enclosures are ubiquitous.

Plastic casings are available in various forms and patterns. They are an excellent material for hybrid cases (much like our range at Burga, which includes silicone interiors and plastic hardshell exteriors.) As a result, they are highly durable.

Phone Cases Made of Leather and Wallets

Because of their use, wallet phone cases have grown in popularity. They let users carry their phones and vital items such as credit cards and IDs, and they often include multiple panels or locking mechanisms to keep everything secure.

There's no doubting how useful they are (or how elegant leather looks), but things get a bit more complicated when it comes to protection. In the case of a fall, leather is not as protective as other materials and does not absorb as much stress as silicone.

Furthermore, wallet cases may pose an additional risk if your phone is stolen. You will lose your technological gadgets, but you may also lose vital credit or debit cards and identity documents.

While having a leather or wallet phone cover is convenient, it necessitates extra caution to protect your vital electronics and cards. However, if you're carrying your phone to work and don't want to bring multiple bags, this is a perfect option.


Metal covers may provide good phone protection, and materials such as aluminum are most typically utilized. However, brass or even gold can be used in select designer cases. Unsurprisingly, these cases may be relatively expensive!

The Dragon and Spider case by Anita Mai Tan is one of the most costly cases available. It is constructed of 18-carat gold and diamonds and costs $880 000.

While it appears lovely, many people would prefer to spend their money on something a bit more substantial 

Although metal can have a stunning surface that exudes luxury and sophistication, there are a few drawbacks. Metal covers can occasionally block cell signals, leaving your phone unusable if you need to communicate with others.

When they block the signal, the purpose of owning a phone becomes somewhat moot, and in the case of an emergency, you may struggle to contact the appropriate individuals.

It is also somewhat heavier than other materials, which may cause your phone to feel a little thick.


Wooden phone covers, which are often made of bamboo, are unquestionably stylish. They're an excellent material to consider if sustainability is important to you. However, they may not be the ideal option when it comes to protection.

The screen may fracture if you drop a phone with a wooden case on a hard surface. If you go with wood, purchase an additional screen protector for extra protection in the case of a fall.

Wooden cases are ideal if you want a one-of-a-kind case inspired by nature and if you want to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint (of course, when choosing sustainable woods).

Many individuals choose to customize these cases with one-of-a-kind engraved designs, making them ideal for anybody who appreciates a distinctive design. Unfortunately, however, what they emit in flair is frequently lost in terms of protection.

What Characteristics Define a Good Phone Case?

Choosing the Most Appropriate Phone Case for You

If picking the correct phone isn't challenging enough these days, deciding on a cover to protect it might be much more difficult. I can see it now. You're at a store, standing in front of a phone case wall, surrounded by an army of boxes. All you can think is, "What's the difference?"

If that scenario seems familiar to you, you've come to the correct spot. That's why we'll go through the benefits you should look for when selecting a phone cover, so you can choose the right phone case that combines protection with displaying your individuality.

The Importance of Durability

For most Americans, that small piece of technology is worth nearly a month's rent. They are, however, not just pricey; they also store our memories, contacts, and even our secrets. That kind of information is precious. Because most protection policies do not cover cracked screens or drop-induced damage, we must be certain that they are protected from any unlucky selfie drops, late-night fumbles, or multitasking mistakes.

To protect your phone from impact, most phone cases utilize standard TPE rubber.

Only Speck employs an IMPACTIUM shock barrier to protect himself against drops and dents. It has been shown to be 52% more absorbent than comparable rubber shock dampeners utilized by our competitors.

That is why it is critical to select a long-lasting phone cover that offers drop-proof protection. Choose a case that meets or exceeds the 4-foot military drop protection requirements.

Phone Cases with glitter

If you have glitter streaming through your veins, you'll almost certainly choose anything that sparkles.

It's critical to realize that not all glitter cases are made equal. Most have cheap glitter flakes put on the outside of the casing.

If this is the case (pun intended), they will fade and wear out as you use it, making it more of an eyesore than a head-turner.

That's why you'll want to acquire a glitter phone cover made of high-quality metal glitter. It will reflect more light and give a more spectacular shimmer.

Also, make sure your case has two layers with glitter inserted in between. It will keep the glitter from wearing off or flaking off your clothes.

Nothing is worse than purchasing a new phone case only to discover that it is too large to comfortably fit in your wardrobe. Sure, it's protective, but it's also ugly that takes time to remove from your pocket, and adds weight to your phone.

As a result, it's recommended to go for a slim phone case with sleek lines that hug your phone and complement the style of your phone.

Remember these three things:

  • Purchase a dual-layer phone case. One with at least an 8-foot drop protection is preferred.
  • Remember to select an antibacterial phone case. It will prevent bacteria from growing on the casing and keep you safe from things you can't see.
  • Make certain that your phone case complements the aesthetics of your phone. It should be fashionable, thin, and protective.

Only Speck's Presidio Sport includes the following features:

  • Impactium provides drop-proof protection on 10-foot drops.
  • An anti-microbial treatment that prevents germs from growing on the case.

Only Speck's Presidio Stay Clear has the following:

  • The Stay Clear coating protects against discoloration caused by contact with lubricants and UV radiation.
  • Drop-resistant protection on drops up to 8 feet with IMPACTIUM Clear.

Only Speck's Presidio Pro includes the following features:

  • For security and comfort, a sleek design with two layers of protection and a soft touch grip is used.
  • Drop protection of up to ten feet is provided by IMPACTIUM.

Only Speck's Presidio Grip includes the following features:

  • If your phone falls face-down, the raised-bezel screen protection protects it from breaking or shattering.
  • Soft-grip stripes on the outside create a distinctive aesthetic as well as a non-slip grip.

Speck's Presidio Line is the best phone case option I've seen.

Are you one of those folks that do not secure your smartphone with a case? If that's the case, I despise you, and you should know that seeing you hold your unsecured cellphone in the middle of a metropolis makes me nervous. If you have one of those cute-but-functionally-useless phone cases, you're going to get an earful, too. Purchase a functional phone case. It'll keep your thousand-dollar investment safe from the Black Friday crowds—and from yourself if you hurl it across the room in a rage after losing out on a fantastic Cyber Monday sale. It'll keep your gadget safe as you schlep your arse across the nation for the holidays.

It safeguards your phone.

Speck's Presidio cases will protect your phone from a 13-foot drop, ensuring that it is safe every time it is thrown off the bed or tossed out of your hands. To that aim, shock-absorption is integrated into the corners of a case. And, crucially, the bezels are somewhat higher than the phone's screen, which makes all the difference in terms of screen protection. As in, no more elaborate shatter patterns on screens. Aside from the specifications, I've been using Speck cases for years and have never been able to do major physical harm to my phones.

It's not clumsy or unsightly.

Despite all of the security features incorporated into a Presidio case, it isn't a big, hefty object. It won't keep your phone from fitting in your back pocket. Presidio cases with rubber grips along the back or grips along the slides are available, depending on your level of clumsiness. There's a transparent Presidio cover if you want to show off your phone, especially if it's one of those new green iPhones. Other hues include dark neutrals and vibrant patterns.

It will last for the appropriate period of time.

After a while, your Presidio case will begin to show signs of wear. The edges will deteriorate, and the bezel will loosen. Nothing dramatic, but wear occurs when anything is entrusted with preserving a gadget that gets shoved in bags, dropped on subway floors, splashed with shower water, and placed in and taken out of your pocket repeatedly, up to 15 hours a day. In my experience, these cases have a lifespan of around a year, which is about as long as you'll need them. Your preferences shift. You used to like navy, but now you prefer dark gray. It's not a huge deal: just get a new one in a different design or color and keep dropping your phone in peace.

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