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About this item

  • Our silicone phone cases are easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint-resistant, and easy to handle.
  • A silicone phone cover can protect your phone from difficult things that create scratches on the screen or body of the phone.
  • If the phone is dropped, the silicone phone cover may act as a shock absorber, preventing the phone from getting banged.

Product Description

Cell phone covers are often the first thing people see. You'll want a cover that is not only protective, but also looks good and fits your personality. The protective material does not feel sticky, is easy to clean, and has good elasticity. Strong elasticity that lasts for years is important because it means you have to change the case less often. Our silicone covers are made from high-quality silicone and are resistant to high temperatures; they're still comfortable to use even in the summer. All of our silicone phone cases are easy to clean - slip on, flip it over, shake off and you're done!

Our silicone phone cases are wear-resistant with good elasticity, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance. In addition to safeguarding the phone, the cell phone silicone cover is easy to clean, thin, and light. It will enhance your phone’s appearance, and you can change covers to give your phone a fresh new look.

Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone case are the best-known form of the cell phone case. It has a soft texture and a slightly slick feel, and it's been around for a long time. It has progressed from a shabby ground-floor offering to a well-crafted, individualized brand with a steady market share. Silicone covers have long been popular and loved by many people due to their outstanding cost performance. Organic silicone and inorganic silicone are the two types of silicone coverings available. The silicone phone covers available on the market fall into the first category. Organic silicone offers several advantages: high-temperature resistance, military resistance (unaffected by UV light or ozone degradation), sound insulation, and temporal stability (will not change with the animal body).

Furthermore, consumers choose silicone covers because they have an excellent hand feel; certain phones with full keyboards will benefit from the silicone cover. It can also cushion the force of some hits on the phone, reducing damage to the device. Furthermore, the silicone cover has more excellent waterproof performance, its most important selling feature. Although the silicone shell has several advantages, it is also inexpensive. However, there are still flaws; long-term use will result in heat build-up in the phone's body due to insufficient breathability. Some of the heat, in particular, is particularly considerable on sophisticated phones; consumers are not advised to use them.

The sound quality is excellent, but the most important factor is good protection.These silicone covers will make your phone more attractive, but also absorb a lot of the energy from falls. These phone cases are a good balance between protection and ease-of-use.

Feel in the Hand

Silicone cases provide a soft touch which a lot of people like. Silicone's rubbery feel is also incredibly sticky, which is ideal for those of us with butterfingers. This can help prevent falls before they even happen.

Fits Your Phone and Your Lifestyle

Silicone's elasticity and malleability are what make it so appealing. It's made of a rubber-like substance that can be readily molded into any shape and then firmly fastened to the phone. Silicone covers are developed for specific phone models for the most excellent fit and aesthetics. This also guarantees that the connection, cable ports, and buttonholes are correct. They aren't at all big or hefty. Silicone coverings are very simple to put on and remove, making them quite useful. They are famous for traveling, partying, exercising, and other activities since they easily slip into a pocket or small bag and carry discreetly.


Because modern mobile phones are typically expensive and damage to them may be costly, you should definately put a case on them for protection. Silicone phone cases wrap around the entire phone, so they protect the entire device while allowing access to all parts. In addition, because silicone is durable and absorbs stress well, it can safeguard all phone sections from drops and other impacts. Silicone coverings are often waterproof as well.


Silicone covers are often long-lasting and resistant to ripping and other forms of damage. In addition, they're antimicrobial, and many of them are washable. Because of these qualities, they have a relatively long useful life. In addition, the majority of silicone covers are pretty soft and durable, which is advantageous for phone protection.

Silicone is also a very long-lasting material. It can shimmy, twist, and bend without causing structural harm. There is, however, one area where silicone falls short: hygiene. Although the rubbery texture of silicone has advantages, it also has disadvantages in that it accumulates dirt and grime over time, which can be challenging to remove. More complex plastic casings are significantly easier to clean and restore to like-new conditions.

Tactile and non-slip

Silicone cases are softer than various other types of cases, including rigid plastic and metal cases and other detachable materials. They are pleasant to touch and handle, and they feel great and comfy, thanks to silicone's natural non-slip qualities. As a result, many mishaps caused by dropping your phone can be avoided tighter hold.


Silicones are thermally stable and have low heat conductivity. As a result, the silicone case performs well in hot weather, making it great for vacations, hot weather, and sunny days at home. They can also be utilized in high-temperature industrial situations without risking injury. They do not become hot. Instead, heat from the phone is solely transmitted via the phone cover. Surface dust, filth, and debris are kept to a minimum thanks to the dustproof silicone cover. This beneficial characteristic aids in keeping the phone's appearance for an extended period.

Elegant and simple.

The phone cover is basic and lovely because of the simple colors, and the design is traditional and not obsolete because of the lack of other methods. In addition, the elegant, next-generation silicone case is a terrific complement for various contexts, from business meetings to nightclubs.

Your phone case will be appropriate for many different contexts, but it’s still fun to change cases with your mood. Silicone phone cases are inexpensive, so they’re easily replaceable, and a new case can add extra fun to special events.


A specific ratio of color paste is added to the raw material to change the color of the silicone phone case. All of the Pantone color card colors can theoretically be used, although there will be some color variation in actuality.

Advantages and Benefits:

benefits: easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint-resistant, and easy to handle; soft and hard, elastic to absorb shocks and falls. With a cell phone silicone cover in a variety of different pattern specifications, you can change an additional cell phone silicone cover every day or regularly to enrich your life.

Advantages: In addition to safeguarding the phone, the cell phone silicone cover is easy to become filthy, and it will damage the phone's heat dissipation performance and increase the thickness of the phone, which will affect how the phone is used.


  1. A silicone phone cover can protect your phone from difficult things that create scratches on the screen or body of the phone.
  2. the phone cover can be printed with various flowers and colors, adding to its attractiveness! Aesthetically pleasing and generous.
  3. The silicone cover protects the screen and keys by preventing nails from scratching and abrasion from extended contact with the keys.
  4. The silicone cover has a non-slip function, and the quality is outstanding, in my opinion.
  5. If the phone is dropped, the silicone phone cover may act as a shock absorber, preventing the phone from getting banged.

The material used to make the phone case is silicone.

Silicone, having the chemical formula mSiO2-nH2O, is a highly reactive adsorbent material that is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, and chemically stable. It does not react with anything except for solid alkalies and hydrofluoric acid. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel dictate its many qualities that are difficult to substitute with other similar materials: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc.

How do you clean it when the silicone phone case gets dirty?

The first step is to massage lightly with detergent, rinse with water, wash, and dry. 

Second, if the silicone phone cover is large enough, it may be washed inside the washing machine.

The next step is to use an eraser to clean the silicone phone cover.

The fourth step is to clean the silicone phone cover with alcohol or toothpaste.

Fifth, use transparent glue or sticky tape. Again, the market offers the sort of substantial broad clear glue. Stick it two or three times to see what impact you get. Maybe some tiny dust can settle, but too dirty isn't very nice.

Sixth, cotton swabs should be used. Apply a tiny quantity of wind oil on the stain and gently wipe away the filth with a cotton swab one minute later.

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