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About this Samsung Galaxy A10E Case

  • User-Friendly made with high-quality materials. Silky-soft touch and good grip. The soft inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free.
  • Highly Protective Raised edges offer extra protection for the camera and screen. Anti-fingerprint
  • Precise Cutouts Easy access to all controls and features


  • Slim fit, thin, lightweight, sturdy but not bulky.
  • Grippy Texture High-quality materials make for a non-slip grip and comfortable holding, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean.
  • Screen & Back protection Slightly raised lips to protect the screen and camera from scratches and cracks; The interior is smooth and will not scratch the back of your phone when you put it in
  • Full Coverage & Flexible Bottom All four corners are durable for high-grade drop protection, and the bottom of this case is flexible, which will make swipe-up gestures much more comfortable and smoother on your phone.

Cases that are tough

Another option to consider is rugged cases, but keep in mind that they will be big and hefty. The addition of air pockets and reinforced corners decreases the danger of harm to your device significantly, increasing heft. They should also be simple to hold, even with moist hands, although you may find that this makes sliding them in and out of your pocket more difficult. You may need to purchase a belt clip or holster to fit the bigger construction.

Samsung Galaxy A10E Case

Rugged cases should cover all angles, including the buttons and touchscreen, which might make pressing the buttons more complex and lower touchscreen sensitivity. Rugged cases might, in the end, make it more challenging to use your phone.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates whether or not the case can tolerate water or dust. Some phone case makers have even gone so far as to test their products against military requirements in the United States. From pressure and temperature to vibration and impact, MIL-STD-810 certification covers it all.

Difficult situations

If you want a Samsung Galaxy A10E Case that will survive a drop but doesn't want to add too much weight or entirely sacrifice style, one of the numerous robust cases now on the market is a good choice. A standard shock-absorbing combination is a layer of solid polycarbonate with an inside layer of something softer, such as silicone. Of course, keep a lookout for military drop test certification as well.

These covers will add some size and weight, but they come in various designs and shouldn't prevent you from using your phone to its full potential. Make sure your phone has a lip or protection on the front in Samsung Galaxy A10E Case it falls face down. You should also anticipate more grip to lessen the likelihood of dropping it in the first place.

Samsung Galaxy A10E Case that are slim or simple

It might be a shame to hide your phone's beautiful design, or you don't want anything too significant in your pocket. A thin case is an option if you choose aesthetics above protection. It will protect your phone from scratches in the places it covers, and it will very likely increase the odds of it surviving a fall (though you can't depend on it). More and more transparent Samsung Galaxy A10E Case are appearing on the market, making it simpler than ever to get one that lets the design of your phone show through. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money on a small case, and they may be wondering if you only require minimal protection.

Samsung Galaxy A10E phone Cases

These one-piece cases are usually constructed of TPU, a sturdy and slightly pliable material that is easy to install and provides some shock protection. On the other hand, hard, compact cases might be challenging to fit on your device and offer little protection against drops. This category has the widest selection of designs and colors, but verify the cutouts and keep in mind 

Design, Presentation, and Longevity

The Samsung Galaxy A10e is uncomplicated but appealing. It's compact, light, and easy to handle, measuring 5.8 by 2.7 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and weighing 5.0 ounces. There's a teardrop cutout on the front for the camera and a hefty bottom bezel, but the proportions are good enough that it doesn't appear cheap.

A 5.8-inch LCD dominates the phone's front panel. The resolution is 1,560 by 720 pixels with a density of 296 pixels per inch. The screen is bright, and the colors are vibrant, making it suitable for watching films and other leisure activities.

The rear is made of shiny blue polycarbonate material. In the upper left corner, there's a single camera lens and carrier and Samsung branding. A headphone jack, a USB-C connector, and a speaker are located on the bottom edge, while the top edge is blank. The hybrid sim/microSD slot is on the left, while the volume rocker and power buttons are on the right. Both are simple to grasp with even little hands, and when pressed, they provide a gratifying click. Unfortunately, there isn't a fingerprint sensor, which is strange and annoying.

While the phone's plastic back might be able to resist moderate drops, the display is unlikely to do so. There's also no splash protection or waterproofing, so you'll need to invest in a Samsung Galaxy A10E Case.

Audio, call, and network quality

The Galaxy A10e is unlocked and available from all major carriers.

In our tests, cricket (which utilizes AT & T's network) had slow network speeds. The phone averaged 4.84 Mbps down and 1.61 Mbps up throughout a dozen tests.

The call quality is acceptable. The maximum loudness of the earpiece is 84dB, which is high enough to be heard on crowded streets. The test calls went well, but there was some static and clipped speech. In most Samsung Galaxy A10E Case, noise suppression worked well, but construction sounds made their way through on a few occasions.

The maximum speaker level is 89dB, which is loud enough to fill a room, but it sounds tinny and muddy at any volume. In addition, there is visible static and distortion at higher levels. For tethered or wireless headphones, there's a 3.5mm connector and Bluetooth 5.0.

The phone also has dual-band Wi-Fi but lacks NFC capability. 

The Galaxy A10e has a single 8-megapixel rear camera with an aperture of f/1.9. A 5MP camera with an f/2.0 aperture is located on the front.

In bright light, the back camera works admirably. The depth of field and color accuracy in our daytime test images were great. Many photographs had some loss of fine detail, but not enough to detract from the overall quality.

Low-light images, on the other hand, were consistently bad. Almost all of our test images were flat and muddy, with artificial blurring in the foreground and lens flare due to over-aggressive noise reduction.

In bright light, the selfie camera performs admirably. Our test images were clear and accurate in terms of color and depth of field. There is no portrait mode on the front-facing camera, which offers beauty and color filters.

None of our test images looked good enough to be published on social media in low light. The majority of them had a lot of noise, seemed flat, and were quite fuzzy.


The Samsung Exynos 7884 CPU is paired with 2GB of RAM in the Galaxy A10e. The storage capacity is 32GB, although only 16GB was available out of the box on our Cricket review device. Fortunately, a microSD card can give up to 512GB of extra storage.

The A10e can be annoyingly sluggish at times. Apps take more than a second to launch, and screen transitions are slow. These difficulties become considerably more apparent when you start multitasking. This isn't the phone for you if you prefer to have hundreds of applications or tabs running in the background.

This is not a decent gaming phone. We tried it with Asphalt 8 and PUBG Mobile, which both had substantial lag and missed frames when loading. Over the course of a half-hour of gaming, PUBG crashed twice.

Samsung Galaxy A10E phone Case

The A10e scored just 4,562 on the PCMark 2.0 Work benchmark, a set of tests that simulate regular smartphone operations, a far cry from the similarly priced ZTE Blade 10 Prime (7,527).

A 3,000 mAh battery powers the A10e, which should be plenty to carry most people through the day. The phone lasted 10 hours and 17 minutes in our battery drain test, which streams HD movies over Wi-Fi at maximum brightness. You should be able to add a few more hours with more careful use. The phone supports 15W rapid charging with an optional adaptor if you run out of juice.


The Galaxy A10e comes with Android 10 and Samsung's proprietary user interface. Compared to other manufacturers' Android implementations, Samsung's is sleek yet heavy-handed. As a result, everything seems a bit different, from the notifications bar to the settings menu. It's not horrible, but it'll be a shock if you're used to stock Android.

 We think Google's applications are more sophisticated and provide greater flexibility if you move to a new phone. The unlocked version of the A10e contains Samsung's productivity software suite; we think Google's apps are more refined and offer greater flexibility if you switch to a new phone. Unfortunately, our review device came with over a dozen additional apps, taking up a lot of storage space. Fortunately, virtually all of the apps can be removed, but the sheer amount of bloatware is aggravating.


The Samsung Galaxy A10e is a nice phone, but it falls short on the fundamentals. You can get the Moto G7 Power for the same price, which outperforms the A10e in almost every regard, including performance and battery life. The new Moto G Power ($250) is an extra step up and the most excellent budget-friendly phone you can get right now if you're ready to spend a little more.

How do you choose the best case for your smartphone or tablet?

Spills, spills, and falls are just a few of the calamities that might wreak havoc on your pricey phone or tablet. If you've ever lost your grip on your gadget and watched helplessly as it crashed to the ground, you know how crucial it is to keep it safe.

Our guide will help you choose a case that fits smoothly into your busy lifestyle, from lightweight, thin cases to robust cases with the greatest features and protection.

A note about the cost

You'll seldom discover the greatest pricing for a case on the case manufacturer's website, the device manufacturer's website, or a carrier's website. The RRP (recommended retail price) is constantly being reduced. When you've found the case you desire, compare prices and shop around.

Samsung Galaxy A10E a Case

Although Amazon and eBay are frequently the cheapest options, it pays to shop around. It would help if you also were wary of knock-offs, especially on eBay. 

It's worth noting that confident case makers will provide a lifetime guarantee if you buy straight from them, so that might be a compelling reason to spend full retail.

Complete your homework.

Read case reviews to learn more about the cases you're interested in. Even if you can't locate a review for your exact phone model, other reviews from the same manufacturer will give you an idea of how good it is. People can also discuss instances and upload images of them in various online communities.

It's also crucial to double-check that the case has accurate cutouts. When cases are hurried out the door, they may be missing a port, have stiff button covers, or have camera flash reflection issues. If wireless charging or the ability to dock your smartphone while wearing the case is vital, check with the manufacturer before buying. Select

Your features.

Consider what extra features you'd like in a case. For example, a landscape stand may be necessary for tablet covers. Multiple settings, as well as 360-degree hinges, are available in some circumstances. Kickstands that spring out of phones' rear are common, but make sure they're secure because they may be bothersome if they pop out unexpectedly. Please make a list of things you consider vital and use it as a checklist as you shop.

Samsung Galaxy A10E Cases

How much security do you require?

The first step is to decide how tough you want your Samsung Galaxy A10E Case to be. You'll need some substantial protection if you're going to dump it on concrete with near-immediate effect or if you want it to survive a plunge. On the other hand, you don't need to pay as much if you're cautious and only want minimal protection. The degree of protection given vs. the extra size and weight is a trade-off.

A lack of security at the corners or a front lip indicates a lack of fall protection. Some of the cases in this category combine a thin, rigid back with a thicker, plastic bumper to provide adequate drop protection.

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