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The Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Cell Phone Case is not only entertaining to use, but it also effectively cushions the impact of a fallen iPhone, making the phone more secure. The little popping sound that occurs when you push the mouse bubbles down is addictive and rewarding! Because the custom-branded pop fidget toys are reusable and washable, you don't have to worry about germs spreading.

How to pick the perfect case to protect your smartphone or tablet

The best price for a case is unlikely to be found on the website of the case maker, the device manufacturer, or a carrier. Retail prices are constantly being reduced. When you've found the case you're looking for, conduct a comparative search and comparison shop.

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Select your options.

Consider what other features you would want in a case. For example, a landscape stand may be necessary for tablet covers. Some cases additionally include several settings and 360-degree hinges. Kickstands that spring out of the rear of phones are common, but make sure they're secure because they may be bothersome if they pop out unexpectedly. Please make a list of what you consider vital and use it as a checklist when shopping.

Do your research.

Examine the reviews of the cases you're interested in. Even if you can't locate a review for your exact phone model, other studies from the same manufacturer will give you a good idea of the overall quality. People can also discuss instances and upload images of them to various online communities.

How much security do you require?

What kind of a clumsy person are you?The first thing to consider is how difficult your argument needs to be. If you want to be able to drop it on concrete and walk away unscathed, or if you want it to survive a plunge, you'll need some substantial protection. On the other hand, you don't need to spend as much money if you're cautious and only want minimal security. There is a clear trade-off between how much protection you get and how big and heavy it is.

Difficult cases

If you want a phone case that will indeed survive a drop, but don't want to add too much weight or entirely sacrifice style, you should probably go with one of the numerous robust cases on the market right now. A common and effective combination is a layer of rigid polycarbonate with an inside layer of something softer, such as silicone, to absorb shock. But, of course, keep a watch out for the military drop-test certification.

These covers will add some size and weight, but they come in various designs and shouldn't prevent you from accessing everything your phone has to offer. Ensure you have a lip or some front protection if your phone falls face down. You should also anticipate more grip to lessen the likelihood of dropping it in the first place.

Cases for folios

Flip-open folios or wallet cases may be both fashionable and practical. They're a great alternative to standard cases if you're going to carry your phone in a bag because they provide all-around protection. However, when it comes to dropping guards, they differ since some have a shell-type case inside while others have an almost slight covering on the sides or corners.

Genuine leather is the only option if you're ready to pay a premium. Most folio covers are manufactured from PU (polyurethane), which is also known as "vegan leather" in some circles. PU is friendly, but it has a strong odor, especially at first, and it cracks easily.

Folio covers commonly feature the sleep-wake function, so your smartphone should immediately wake up and sleep when you open the cover. However, if you don't want the case to open in your backpack, the type of closure is critical. Magnetic closures allow for more fashionable designs, but they aren't as sturdy as elastic, tab, or stud closures.

Many folio covers claim credit card slots, but a few are genuinely wallet replacements. They usually only contain a few cards, and overstuffing increases the likelihood of the case opening unexpectedly. Tough cases

Rugged cases are an additional choice to consider, but keep in mind that they will be big and hefty. Air pockets and reinforced corners significantly lower the danger of harm to your device, but they unavoidably increase heft. They should also be simple to hold, even with moist hands, although you may find that this makes sliding them in and out of your pocket more difficult. You may need to purchase a belt clip or holster to fit the bigger construction.

Rugged cases should cover every angle, including the buttons and touch screen, since this might make buttons harder to press and decrease touchscreen sensitivity. Finally, challenging issues might make it more difficult to operate your phone.

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The IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the case's ability to tolerate water and dust. Some case makers have even gone so far as to test their products to US military specifications. Mil-STD-810 certification covers everything from pressure and temperature to vibration and impact. It certifies that a product is safe to use.

Cases that are slim or simple

Sometimes it feels wrong to hide your pop it phone case beautiful design, or you don't want anything too thick in your pocket. A thin case is an option if you choose aesthetics above protection. It will protect your phone from scratches in the parts it covers, and it will most likely improve your phone's chances of surviving a fall (but don't bank on it). In addition, more and more transparent cases are hitting the market, making it simpler than ever to get something that lets your phone's design show through. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money on a small case, and they may be wondering if you only require a basic amount of security.

Cases for batteries

Poor battery life is still at the top of the list of mobile technology complaints. You can always acquire a battery cover for your smartphone. These often include a built-in battery to recharge your smartphone for a few hours.

However, battery casings are always large and hefty. If they're small, the battery inside isn't massive, and it won't significantly increase your battery life. You should look for the mAh rating, but it doesn't always reveal the whole story, so search for a real-world test.

Many battery covers aren't meant to provide much protection, so you'll have to check with the manufacturer. The ability to charge your phone should always be available. Ideally, your phone would drain the case first, allowing you to remove it when it's empty. Several innovative designs combine a lightweight casing or bumper with a replaceable battery component. You should also be able to see the battery state at a glance; pass-through capabilities for your headphone connector and charging or data are also desirable.

Screen shields

Many smartphones come with screen protectors, and there are several locations where you can buy them for every gadget on the market. These can help reduce the likelihood of scratches or cracks emerging on your touchscreen, but they will undoubtedly influence the appearance and, in some cases, usefulness.

If you're going to buy a screen protector, make sure it's created for your device and get it straight soon because each flaw in your screen increases the likelihood of bubbles. The best way to apply the screen protector is to follow the instructions carefully and apply it slowly.

In most cases, you will receive numerous screen protectors with your purchase, allowing you to replace the existing one if it becomes damaged. You can also get screen covers that make it easier to hide your face and others that make it easier to see.

You may select screen protectors that are slender or strong and thick, depending on your needs. The sole disadvantage of utilizing screen protectors is that they might be challenging to apply and can reduce your screen's touch sensitivity. There are some screen protectors that can make your screen more sensitive, but they will cost you a lot more.

How to Choose the Best Pop It Phone Case

If you've ever stood in front of a wall of pop it phone cases, you know how difficult it is to choose the perfect case for you. It's easy to become lost in a sea of glistening hues, exotic designs, and crazy patterns when there are so many alternatives. Don't worry, we're here to assist you.


Before you even consider the style to choose, you need to consider why you require a pop it phone case. There are a lot of different reasons why things happen, even though the goal seems obvious.

Casely, for example, has cases that are either just for looks or are made to work with MagSafe.

pop it phone case

Some cases now come with waterproof protection, while others may be used as portable charging docks or wallets with credit card slots.

It might be complicated with so many possibilities available, but before you start looking at cases, identify what you need the case for to help guide your decision.


In practice, a phone cover protects the pricey phone underneath it, but not all cases offer the same amount of protection, according to DigitalTrends. Some cases provide more substantial protection in the front, while others choose to add extra strength in the rear. Others prefer the superior, but larger, all-around defense.

In general, the larger the pop it phone case, the better the protection. Although this rule does not apply to high-end cases, better protection usually comes in the form of thicker protection.

Consider what amount of protection you require. Do you operate in a hazardous area, such as a construction zone, where your case might be jeopardized? Or are you regarded as a "phone breaker" because of your proclivity for mishaps? The level of protection you require depends on your lifestyle and work environment.


One of the most crucial elements to consider for many people is the design style of a pop it phone case. However, choosing a case style is more difficult than choosing a piece of clothing that you just wear once in a while. A phone cover is always with you and says a lot about the person who owns it, so it's critical to get it properly.

Choose a design that you believe will resonate with you for a long time. Otherwise, you'll be back in the shop with the same problem the following week.


The way the phone feels in your hands with the new case is something that many people overlook or entirely forget about. Do you find it pleasant to hold the phone? Do you have any trouble pressing any of the side buttons? Is there a decent grip on both sides of the case?

pop it phone cases

The feel is also influenced by the substance. Rubber and silicone are the most gripping materials. Some companies, like Apple, have started to use new flexible materials like liquid silicone, which have a soft feel but also have a lot of strength. These materials have a good grip.

Last Thoughts

Choosing a new phone is an important decision that should be carefully considered. A decent quality case that you like will last you a long time, so it's worth taking your time when selecting a decision.

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