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About this Picture Phone Cases

  • The unique Design Pattern on the case makes your phone different and eyes-catching
  • User-Friendly made with high-quality materials. Silky-soft touch and good grip. The soft inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free.
  • Highly Protective Raised edges offer extra protection for the camera and screen. Anti-fingerprint
  • Precise Cutouts Easy access to all controls and features


  • Slim fit, thin, lightweight, sturdy but not bulky.
  • Grippy Texture High-quality materials make for a non-slip grip and comfortable holding, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean.
  • Screen & Back protection Slightly raised lips to protect the screen and camera from scratches and cracks; The interior is smooth and will not scratch the back of your phone when you put it in
  • Full Coverage & Flexible Bottom All four corners are durable for high-grade drop protection, and the bottom of this case is flexible, which will make swipe-up gestures much more comfortable and smoother on your phone.

Incredible Reasons You Need a Phone Case

A phone cover is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your smartphone. It offers several advantages for your phone, and smartphones are expensive to purchase due to their high price.

As a result, you must safeguard your smartphone to guarantee that it survives the test of time and provides value for the money you paid for it. There are several phone cases on the market nowadays; all you have to do is select the one that is the best fit for your phone. The following are some of the reasons why you should use a phone case:

It increases the longevity of your phone.

Your phone's durability is determined by how you treat it. It will last longer if you protect it correctly, but it will wear rapidly if you mishandle it.

The good news is that phone cases assist in extending the life of your phone by keeping it secure. Even if it falls, it is safer than if it falls nude and unprotected.

Are they dust-resistant?

Dust is one of the most common factors that impact mobile phones, since it tends to obstruct some of the phone's functionality, such as the speakers. This usually necessitates frequent cleaning of your phone. Furthermore, dust deteriorates the housing of your mobile phone, causing it to lose its natural color over time. Even if your phone is brand new, it will begin to seem outdated and unappealing.

Phone cases, on the other hand, protect your phone from dust because it is enclosed inside and the dust only stops on the case, which you can wipe away with a clean cloth and you're ready to go.

Safeguards the phone's screen

A phone case not only covers the back and sides of your phone, but it also protects the screen of your phone. It protects your phone's screen so that even if your phone falls, the screen does not touch the ground.

Are you wondering how? This is due to the fact that an excellent phone case protrudes over your phone's screen, and when it falls, only the case touches the ground. Best of all, most phone cases in Australia are composed of rubber and bounce on the ground to protect your screen.

Do Anti-Slip Mats Exist?

The majority of phone cases on the market are comfortable to hold and soft to the touch. They are comprised of anti-slip features that provide a secure grip.

So, if you clothe your phone in a phone case, you can grasp it snugly in your hands without it slipping. This decreases the likelihood of it sliding and falling, extending the life of your phone.

Have a Wide Range

There are several phone covers available on the market nowadays in a variety of colors, forms, materials, and patterns, to name a few. You only need to select the best phone case for your phone model.

There are phone cases for practically every smartphone kind, so it doesn't matter what kind of phone you have.

Keep Your Phone Safe.

You might believe that cases are exclusively for the anal-retentive who want to maintain their phone in flawless condition, but there's more to it. It would help if you considered the following:

Drop Protection: No matter how careful you are, gravity will always win. You'll most likely drop your phone once or twice in the years you possess it. But how much protection you need depends on your phone: Android phones are designed a little more complicatedly and are more likely to withstand the occasional drop (I speak from experience). On the other hand, while beautiful, the iPhone 4 or 4S is considerably more likely to break when dropped, making a case for using one much more compelling.

It's also worth noting that even inexpensive cases can provide drop protection by preventing you from dropping the phone in the first place. Many phones have very slick backs, and a decent chance can offer a little traction to avoid it slipping out of your palm and into the concrete. It's still not as lovely as investing in a high-quality case, but it's better than going naked.

Protection for More Than Just Cosmetics: Even if you don't mind the occasional scratch or cracked back, your phone is worth more. Some phones (such as the iPhone) feature a camera lens flush with the rear, making it considerably more susceptible to scratches and other damage—which may make your images seem bad. You might also destroy one of your phone's buttons, making it far more difficult to operate than a few scratches.

Even if you aren't obsessed with the minor scratches on your phone, many people are, and while dropping your phone without a cover won't harm it, it will leave minor nicks and scratches on your phone, lowering its resale value. Putting a case on your phone is one of the most significant ways to get a free upgrade to your next phone—so if you sell your phones rather than keep them, a case might be an intelligent option.

Do smartphone cases protect phones from damage?

Smartphone covers offer appropriate phone protection. They largely protect the phone's corners, back, and edges. An excellent phone case cover will reduce the impact of shock and vibration when the smartphone is dropped.

How can I safeguard my phone without a case?

The greatest thing you can do is be more careful with your phone when it's not in its protective case. Keep the phone in a safe position where it won't fall to the floor.

What is the finest material for a phone case?

Rubber and silicone, which are absorbent materials that can absorb shock and vibration, are ideal alternatives for smartphone cases. Plastic casings are not suitable in this regard since they do not dissipate impact away from the device.

What are some of the downsides to phone cases?

The main downside to phone cases is that they make your phone seem less attractive. They may make it more difficult to push buttons (if the covers are not specifically built for your phone). Cases can also trap debris and dust, resulting in damage to your phone.

Are low-cost phone cases worthwhile buying?

Cheap phone cases are OK as long as they are constructed of the proper materials and fit the size of your phone. Avoid leather cases. They're not ideal for safeguarding phones.

Make a picture phone cover with your design.

You may simply design your own phone case with our phone case designer. We have cases for over 200 different phone models! From the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy. You can simply picture your phone case with our phone case maker. All you have to do is choose your phone and submit the image you want to be printed on the cover. We will ensure that the image is reproduced at the highest quality possible.

Make a picture phone cover to keep your phone safe.

People nowadays live with their phones nearly attached to their hands. The more you use your phone, the more likely it is that something may go wrong. Our pictured phone covers are designed to keep your phone safe. When you cover your phone with a custom case, the chances of it being damaged are greatly decreased. Most phone covers are quite dull, which is why individuals frequently opt to risk breaking their phones. You may create your own case exactly as you want it. In this manner, you can safeguard your phone while still looking fashionable.

The advantages of a photophone cover


Phone covers protect devices, but they also stay up with the current design and style. You may personalize these cases to suit everyone's preferences.

Your company logo will also look great on the rear of the case, reminding your consumers where they purchased their covers. You may also manufacture the bodies in various colors and styles or use your company's colors to display your signature.

The possibilities for designing these enclosures are limitless.

Complements a Variety of lifestyles

Phone covers come in various shapes and styles, owing to the wide range of smartphone users. This is why personalized phone covers are a terrific alternative for promotional marketing since they allow you to reach a diverse demographic to advertise your business.

You may personalize each printed phone cover to appeal to people from all walks of life. For example, some clients may like a basic yet attractive design, but others may prefer a more colorful and trendy look.

Improves phone durability.

Your clients' phones are constantly secured by a bespoke phone case, contributing to the phone's durability. Giving complementary phone covers to your consumers will reduce the danger of external harm to their phones.

Suppose your clients' phones barely survive a fraction of the time manufacturers anticipate them. In that case, you'll realize that internal damage is causing their demise - extended charging, excessive phone usage that might lead to overheating, etc. People will not dispute it since they understand how they are used.

Instead, you can cover their phones with promotional cases to boost their longevity.

Dependable Security

A personalized phone case's principal function is to safeguard your clients' phones from scratches, food spills, and damage. Furthermore, cases cushion shock, so if your customers drop their phone, they may be confident that it will not be destroyed or damaged very slightly.

When individuals buy smartphones, they usually hunt for phone covers that best match their phones and their likes.

Mobile gadgets have taken over the human population. There are 8.5 billion mobile device connections globally, compared to our population of 7.6 billion.

While this may seem like the beginning of a sci-fi horror film, it is a positive indicator if you want to design your phone cover and accessories to sell online.

Custom phone covers, in particular, are simple to get and appeal to consumers who want to add some personality or utility to the one item they can't live without.

Building a company around creating and selling your phone covers has several advantages:

  • Because of their compact size, they are easy to stock and ship.
  • They are produced at a low cost.
  • They are available for purchase both online and at a physical kiosk.
  • You may start with a more negligible risk by printing on-demand, or you can buy in bulk for higher profits.
  • Every new phone model is a unique opportunity to appeal to the 44 percent of smartphone consumers who upgrade every two years.

Is it possible to make a profit from a phone cover business?

A phone case company might be a lucrative method to generate money online. The phone cover industry was valued at $10 billion in 2020 and is predicted to expand at a 7.5 percent annual rate through 2025, reaching $35.5 billion. There would clearly be no shortage of consumers for your phone case company.

Phone cases are very simple to maintain from a management standpoint. Because they don't break frequently, there are fewer returns to deal with. They are often lightweight and inexpensive to ship, with high-profit margins. On dropshipping sites, you can purchase phone covers for as little as $5 and sell them for $10 or more—an easy way to double your money.

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