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The Best Way to Clean Your Cell Phone

Are you worried about how to clean your phone and other electronic devices to make them as germ-free as possible? Here are some suggestions for tech-safe cleansers, screen wipes, and other items to help you take excellent care of your gadgets.

Many bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, may thrive on phones and other electronic devices.

According to a recent survey by the research firm dscout, ordinary users touch their phones 2,617 times per day, with heavy users touching their phones 5,427 times each day. Germs are prone to spread when you touch your phone, your face, and surfaces such as countertops, keyboards, and others.

Some bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus, may survive on surfaces for a few hours to several days or longer, depending on the surface material and ambient circumstances. That's why knowing how to clean your phone is equally as vital as knowing how to wash your hands properly.

The most effective method for cleaning your phone.

Unlike cleaning your hands, you cannot clean your gadgets with soap and water. The majority of phone makers, including Apple and Samsung, have revised their advice to incorporate the use of alcohol-based cleaning or disinfection wipes. Follow these four steps to clean your phone properly. (This method may also be used to clean tablets.)

Unplug and turn off your phone.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds.

Wipe the outside of the phone, including the screen, gently with an anti-bacterial wipe. Alternatively, spritz a soft cloth with an alcohol-based disinfecting cleaner that contains 70% isopropyl and use it to clean your phone. (The 70 percent alcohol ratio is critical: it's a high enough concentration to destroy any germs on the phone's surface.)

Keep moisture away from the ports.

Check the manufacturer's guidelines for keeping your gear clean before cleaning any of your gadgets.

The most effective method for cleaning phone covers and accessories.

It's not just the surfaces of your phone that get filthy; your phone case and any attachments, such as headphones, can also take up germs. You may clean your phone's accessories in the same way you did your phone. After washing your hands, apply an alcohol-based cleanser and a disinfectant wipe or towel. If the manufacturer recommends it, clean hard casings with soap and hot water, washing for at least 20 seconds. Wipe down the wires you use while you're at it. (For a list of CDC-recommended home disinfectants, go here.)

You may also invest in antibacterial accessories with built-in antimicrobial protection. Glass screen protectors with integrated silver ions, for example, are intended to eliminate practically all microorganisms that may develop on a screen.

Cleaning your phone and accessories once a day is a good rule of thumb, although sanitizing equipment more frequently is also acceptable. Create your own regimen, such as wiping it off after washing your hands, especially if you've been outside.

Reminders: clean your computer and phone.

  • Unplug your phone and turn it off first.
  • Disinfectant wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol or a similar disinfecting spray, spritzed onto a clean microfiber cloth, should be used.
  • Any cleaners should be sprayed into a soft cloth rather than straight onto your phone.
  • If the wipe or towel is overly damp, wring it out before usage.
  • Wash your phone case with soap and water or disinfection wipes/spray, depending on the material and manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Sanitize your technology at least once a day.

Don'ts for electronics and phone cleaning

  • Cleaning agents containing 100 percent alcohol should be avoided since they can harm a phone's protective coatings.
  • Do not use liquids or cleaners directly on your phone.
  • Do not immerse the phone.
  • Don't use bleach in liquid form.
  • Allow no liquid to enter your technician's ports.
  • Wiping your screen with a paper towel is not a good idea.

Keeping your mobile phone as germ-free as possible takes only a few minutes every day, but there's one more thing you can do to protect your technology. Keep your phone, tablet, earphones, and other accessories to yourself; do not allow anyone to pick them up or use them. You can drastically reduce the transmission of germs from your gadgets with a little thoughtful practice, excellent cleaning practices, and the assistance of certain high-tech, antimicrobial attachments.

Why Are Phone Cases Necessary?

There are various reasons why a phone back cover is necessary. Here are a few examples.

They offer more protection. If you have a phone cover, you can simply protect it from damage such as accidental falls, shocks, and smudges from items.

This, in turn, automatically extends the phone's battery life. The lower the damage, the greater the worth and endurance.

If you buy a stylish phone cover, some cases will also provide a decorative appeal to your phone. Who doesn't enjoy increasing their device style?

Phone and Mobile Covers/Cases of Various Types

Here are the most popular and diverse sorts of mobile phone back covers and cases from which to pick and protect one's electronics. You can discover the correct fit depending on the model of the smartphone! Our top-ranked best sort of phone cover for protection are as follows:

Transparent Silicone/Gel Phone Case

If you're looking for something lightweight, simple, and that doesn't detract from the beauty of your phone, these silicone or transparent back cover or gel covers can be the correct match for you. They are soft and flexible and provide enough protection for the phone. It is recommended that you use this phone with a tempered glass cover.

Plastic Phone Case:

The plastic variety is the most widespread on the market in mobile phone cover kinds. They are widely accessible and trusted by many people, and they provide enough protection and safety. They fit properly on the phone, adhere to the body, and have a smooth or glossy matte surface.

Hybrid Phone Case

If you're seeking a durable case and phone cover, this hybrid phone cover has lately gained popularity. It is wonderful and first-rate in terms of mobile protection and safety, and it can even compete with more serious mobile damages. It offers dual-layered protection with a tough polycarbonate shell on the inside. These phone covers may also have a back stand or a holder, depending on the brand.

Rubber Phone Case

The rubberized mobile rear case is a typical variation that is made of rubber. This rubber fabric is scratch-resistant, but it has a limited shelf life of a few months. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Case in Point:

Flip Phone Case

The flip case is the most well-known case for comprehensive and all-around protection. They provide all-around protection for your phone and even have an inside protective layer. These are available in a variety of price ranges and are often constructed of leather. Depending on the brand, some feature a front flap with a button, while others have magnets.

Metal Phone Case

This phone cover is composed of metal to provide total body protection. It is often made of aluminum or a similar alloy. They may be hefty, but they are considered safe against serious phone damage. Aside from that, the phone does not become hot while using the metal case because of the way it conducts heat to the surroundings.

Fabric Phone Case

When it comes to style and appearance, fabric cases are pretty appealing. At first glance, they may appear to be a typical instances. They are, nonetheless, stylish and may accommodate a variety of personal fashion choices. Most high-end phone owners prefer cloth covers to complement the overall style.

What will you do with custom Motorola phone cases?

What are you doing with your phone or case, and under what conditions? Will you be putting it through its paces? Or as a business phone that will be utilized in a corporate setting?

What Style Is Appropriate for Your Purpose?

Your use can assist you in determining the amount of security you require for your Motorola phone. Unless you intend to use your phone in an outside environment, such as a construction site or comparable location, we recommend that you avoid purchasing a rugged design cover. In reality, the simplest cases, such as a hard or gel case, might be the best. Perhaps you have a favorite style in mind, such as a wallet case.

Phones have become an indispensable component of our daily life. It's not surprising that individuals would jump at the chance to spruce up their trusted electronic companions, make them appear brand new, or represent their personality and aesthetic preferences.

Cases for Soft Goods

Soft cases are a wonderful way to safeguard any smartphone. It is constructed of an elastic and flexible substance (often silicone or gel), which makes it extremely durable. If you drop your phone, the case will not fracture as easily as other hard cases, so that's an extra bonus. They are easy to clean and have good grips, making it less likely that you will drop your device.

Cases with Hard Shells

These sorts of cases provide improved phone protection without sacrificing aesthetics. A common combination of these covers is an outside cover composed of very durable plastic and an interior silicone layer that offers cushion and reduces stress to your smartphone during catastrophes.

Even though they are often hefty, they may be rather stylish. Look for an exact match to your device's model to ensure that all of the slots can be accessed without removing the cover. They are also built with materials that provide for superior grips, reducing the likelihood of losing the device.

It will protect your phone from scratches and minor drops and is available in matte or glossy finishes.

Cases for Wallets

These covers have a dual purpose: they protect your device from scratches while also providing spaces for your credit cards, driver's license, and even cash, keeping them secure and convenient.

Wallet cases are quite popular, partly because there are so many alternatives for these forms of protection for your smartphone. You may opt for a minimalist wallet case that just holds one or two of your most regularly used cards. There are also handmade coverings that may be used in place of a full-sized wallet.

Cases Made of Leather

In today's market, there are real as well as synthetic leather cases available at a variety of rates. Leather cases are popular due to their sleek and attractive style as well as their durability. Some are also wallet cases, which provide further usefulness to the phone case.

It's important to know  what kind of phone you have

We sell personalized cases for all major Motorola phone models with a minimum order of 10 cases here at CustomLogoCases. If you're searching for a single case, please let us know which model your phone is so we can let you know if any are available. You might even want to do some of this research before purchasing your new phone to ensure that cases are available.

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