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Loopy cases, with their weird rubber band loop at the back, aren't the most aesthetically pleasing phone cases available. The rubber band loop, on the other hand, is one of the best iPhone accessories. The band not only increases the case's protection, but it also makes it more usable.


The Loopy case comes in two sizes. Loopy's cases have gotten more complex over the years, which is a good thing. The older models were extremely light and thin, but they didn't provide much protection for your smartphone on its own.

phone case loopy

The Loop is more than simply a rubber band. The original loops were matte, while the new loops had glossy ends. This new design keeps the loop from shrinking over time. Loopy is available in a number of colors and designs, and the loops can be readily swapped out for other hues. The ones that glow in the dark are actually a lot of fun to use.


The Loopy and Loopy Max will protect your smartphone from accidental drops. Unintentional decreases, on the other hand, will be few and far between for the average person. When your hand is caught in the loop, the only way your iPhone can be destroyed is if you fall with it. And if that's the case, you've got bigger problems to deal with right now than your iPhone.

When Loopy decided to strengthen their security for their most recent instances, we were relieved. This new bulk will protect your iPhone from the moment you pick it up until you start using it.

Why should you purchase a loopy case?

The most visible difference between the Loopy and the Loopy Max is the borders. The Loopy Max's edges are somewhat larger than those of the standard Loopy case, giving it greater drop protection. The thicker borders of the Loopy Max have a hexagonal pattern that adds to the protection.

The sides of the case are also rather high, which keeps your iPhone's screen off a flat surface even with a thicker screen protector.

Due to the loop, we tend to place our smartphones facing down. Our brains seem to think that being able to pick up the iPhone more quickly is worth the risk of getting hurt.


The Loopy case is for you if you value functionality above aesthetics. You'll like it so much that you'll overlook some of the case's flaws.

To be honest, the loop does little more than make our iPhone simpler to use. It helps us get the most out of our iPhone. Most iPhone cases lack sufficient edge roughness to allow the iPhone to be easily removed from a flat surface. The device might slip between your fingers, or you might have to try many times before you can get a good grip on it.

You never have that problem with the Loopy case. As soon as your finger enters the loop, your iPhone is secure. The Loopy, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by allowing you to swiftly free up your phone hand without really releasing your grip on your iPhone.

a phone case loopy

Some of you may believe that the case's loop will become caught in pockets. However, we do not consider this to be a bad thing. For example, with the smaller iPhones, we realized that tucking them inside a Loopy case until we felt the loop was a quick way to keep the iPhone accessible. The rubber on the loop keeps the iPhone in our pocket yet prevents it from falling out. Because the band is so flexible, we can easily insert the Loopy case completely into the pocket to firmly secure the iPhone. It's subtle, yet these minor nuances have a big impact on a daily basis.

Using the Loopy case to shoot photos and videos is more convenient and secure. Better video arises from being able to apply some tension to the loop. Selfies, on the other hand, are considerably easier with the Loopy case because your smartphone is not at risk of falling. All you need to concentrate on is the shot you're taking.

When we try to use our devices with young children, their ease of use becomes much more apparent. The ability to handle a small human being with two hands while having our iPhones nearby has been quite beneficial for on-the-go photographs and movies. It's tough to express how beneficial it is to be able to comfortably grab our phones while also moving our youngsters.

The Advantages of Using Phone Covers for Protection

The truth is that mobile phone covers are crucial, especially if you want to protect your phone from various types of accidents and scratches. When you're spending hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, a few extra dollars won't hurt, and it's not like smartphone covers are worthless; they provide a variety of perks. So let us look at five advantages of using mobile phone covers for protection:

Ultimate Defense

We've all had those days when nothing seems to be going our way, and no matter what you do, nothing appears to function the way you want it to, even your hands. When you are worried, your phone might quickly fall out of your hand and land on the concrete pavement, shattering the front or rear glass. This is where smartphone covers come in handy; if your phone slips out of your hand, you can rest assured that it will not be damaged.

A phone cover is similar to a mobile phone's home. A phone cover, like a home, protects individuals from many types of harm and grime. It shields the whole body of the phone from external damage and protects it from any scratches or nicks that may occur on its surface. Even if you drop your phone by mistake, your phone case or cover may absorb the impact and keep your phone from being seriously damaged.

Enhanced resale value

If you are thinking about updating your phone, you will receive more value for your money if you keep it covered with a mobile case. However, when you wear a mobile case or cover for your phone, you are safeguarding it from all types of damage, scratches, and nicks that could come onto your phone if it does not have a case on, lowering its resale value.

The better the condition of your gadget, the higher the resale value, and you will also be doing a favor to the person to whom you are selling the phone since he will receive it in fantastic condition. With more money, you will be able to easily purchase a new mobile phone.

When someone says, "phone case/cover from day one," it raises the value of your phone, and potential purchasers will have to pay more than the market price since the phone is in great shape with no scratches or nicks on its body.

Appearance and Emotions

Most individuals argue that they don't want to cover up the appearance and attractiveness of their gadget, which is why they don't use a mobile case or cover. This, however, is an entirely incorrect notion. There are currently various portable cases and covers available that protect your phone and enhance its appearance. In addition, smooth silicone edge cases with curved edges are available to make your mobile phone appear even better. You can even obtain a personalized case or cover for your mobile phone to get optimum protection and the aesthetic you want.

People who own expensive devices, such as the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11, believe that using a case will hide the beauty of their new phone. Still, there are now very sleek, stylish, and sexy iPhone 12 Pro Cover and iPhone 11 Cover options available on the market that enhance the beauty of the devices while also providing maximum protection.

phone cases loopy

Reasonably priced

Nowadays, our mobile phones are much more than just telephones; they are used for other tasks besides calling. Moreover, smartphones nowadays have edge-glass displays, glass bodies, and numerous camera lenses. Therefore, they are more than just ordinary devices; they come with a hefty price tag, and if you have spent so much on the smartphone, why not spend a little more to protect it?

The majority of mobile phone covers on the market cost less than $15, and the most delicate phone cases that give full-body protection cost less than $30. At a low price, you receive not only a full-body case but also a built-in screen protector made of dual-layered TPU materials. When you spend so much money on an expensive smartphone, you can afford to invest a few more dollars to keep it safe.

Enhanced Functionality

Previously, mobile phone covers had only one purpose: to safeguard the phone. Those days have long gone. There are currently several mobile phone covers and cases available on the market that, while their primary goal is to protect the smartphone from external harm, also serve other functions. For example, some mobile phone covers have cards or holders to hold the phone when viewing videos. As a result, customers now have a lot of options to choose from based on what they want to do.

Amazing Reasons Why You Need a Loopy Case

A phone cover is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your smartphone. If you want to buy a smartphone, you have to pay a lot of money for it because it costs a lot.

loopy phone case

As a result, you must safeguard your smartphone to guarantee that it survives the test of time and provides value for the money you paid for it. There are several phone cases on the market nowadays; all you have to do is select the one that is the best fit for your phone. The following are some of the reasons why you should use a phone case:

Loopy cases increase the longevity of your phone.

Your phone's durability is determined by how you treat it. It will last longer if you protect it correctly, but it will wear rapidly if you mishandle it.

The good news is that phone cases assist in extending the life of your phone by keeping it secure. Even if it falls, it is safer than if it falls nude and unprotected.

Are they dust-resistant?

Dust is one of the most common factors that impacts mobile phones, since it tends to obstruct some of the phone's functionality, such as the speakers. This usually necessitates frequent cleaning of your phone. Furthermore, dust deteriorates the housing of your mobile phone, causing it to lose its natural color over time. Even if your phone is brand new, it will begin to seem outdated and unappealing.

Phone cases, on the other hand, protect your phone from dust because it is enclosed inside and the dust only stops on the loopy case, which you can wipe away with a clean cloth and you're ready to go.

loopy phone cases

Safeguards the Phone's Screen

A loopy case not only covers the back and sides of your phone, but it also protects the screen of your phone. It protects your phone's screen so that even if your phone falls, the screen does not touch the ground.

Are you wondering how? This is due to the fact that an excellent phone case protrudes over your phone's screen, and when it falls, only the case touches the ground. Best of all, most phone cases in Australia are composed of rubber and bounce on the ground to protect your screen.

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