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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Genuine Leather phone Cases

If you possess a phone, you want to have a premium experience. You already have access to Apple's walled garden as well as interoperability with other Apple devices. You receive quality customer service as well as extended battery life. You may make use of a variety of useful capabilities, like Apple's Airdrop capability. But what about the look of your phone? Do you want it to resemble any other phone? Or do you want your phone to appear to be the high-end item that it is? Your phone may look as nice as it performs by using a leather sleeve or cover.

Various Leather Types

Unless you're a fashion or upholstery enthusiast, you might not be familiar with the many sorts of leather. It can be perplexing for some. When you hear terminology like "top grain leather" or "full-grain leather," it appears to be marketing jargon. However, the specific sort of leather used makes a significant impact on the quality of a product. To give a technical illustration, your grandma may not comprehend the distinction between USB Type-A and USB Type-C. It simply sounds like jargon to her. But there is a significant difference! There are several sorts of leather, but here's a short rundown of the most prevalent.

Leather Phone Case

Genuine Full Grain Leather

You want full grain leather if you want the highest quality leather possible. Full grain leather is so named because it contains the entire thickness of the cowhide. It is extremely durable because to the several layers of hide with overlapping grains. Without specialized leatherworking equipment, this makes tearing or puncturing nearly impossible.

In general, full grain leather is supposed to have a natural appearance. Manufacturers almost never scuff, buff, or sand the exterior layer to smooth it out. Minor defects can be removed and the surface smoothed using these approaches. These flaws, however, are what distinguishes each piece of full grain leather. Consider a fine piece of oak furniture. Knots and inconsistencies in the grain are not defects. They simply add flavor to it. A simple dye treatment can smooth out the surface and make it stain resistant. In some circumstances, there is no dye at all, simply a stain prevention covering on top.

Genuine Top Grain Leather

Many newcomers are perplexed by the term "top grain leather." It appears to be of the best quality, yet it is significantly less durable than full grain. The top layer of the grain is separated from the lower regions of the grain in this type of leather. It has a similar look to full grain but is thinner. However, it is typically the smoothest variety. Leatherworkers will sand the surface to eliminate flaws and may dye the leather for aesthetic purposes. Even if the outer layer is not discolored, it will be treated to resist staining.

Authentic Leather

Another phrase that might be perplexing is "genuine leather." It sounds like marketing bluster, as if the producer is boasting about the authenticity of their leather. "Genuine" leather, on the other hand, refers to a certain sort of leather. Because it is made up of all the bottom layers of the hide, it is the polar opposite of top grain leather. It is less durable than full grain leather due to its structure. It also seems rougher and more "weathered" than full or top grain leather. It has a lot of visible grain and is less expensive than full grain or top grain leather. Genuine leather is the most commonly used material for coloured leather items due to its low cost. It's frequently found in red, yellow, and other unusual hues.

Leather Phone Cases

Grain Leather has been corrected.

Corrected grain leather is an entirely different beast. Corrected grain leather is derived from substandard hide rather than premium skin. It used to be very hard to find and more of a niche product. Manufacturing processes, on the other hand, are growing more efficient with time. Surplus leather scraps are becoming increasingly valued as a result of this tendency.

The quality of corrected grain leather might vary greatly. To appear beautiful, it must be recovered, sanded, polished, and manipulated by leatherworkers. Corrected grain leather that is well-crafted can be indistinguishable from full grain leather. A cheap item, on the other hand, will appear blotchy and uneven. Corrected grain leather, like real leather, is frequently used to make colorful leather items. Because the color can disguise numerous flaws, it's a natural option for a poor quality hide.

PU (polyester) leather

So-called "PU leather" is one thing you should avoid at all costs. This, unlike the previous phrases we've looked at, is a marketing term. In truth, PU leather isn't leather at all; it's polyester, and it was once known as "pleather." It generally has a rubbery feel that is slightly sticky to the touch. It's also not nearly as long-lasting as genuine leather. An regular kitchen knife may be used to cut PU leather. PU leather, on the other hand, does not utilize any animal ingredients and is thus vegan-friendly. If you're a vegan who likes the look of leather, this is the only true incentive to buy it.

a leather phone case

The last disadvantage of PU leather phone case is that it does not age as well as real leather. It just becomes boring. On the other hand, genuine leather matures like great wine. It acquires a patina, giving it an antique appearance that leather enthusiasts like. Just be sure to condition your leather on a regular basis to keep it from drying out.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Leather Phone Case?

  • To begin cleaning a leather iPhone cover, use a moist towel to wipe it down.
  • If the case is especially filthy, light soap or detergent can be used to assist remove the grime.
  • Take care to properly clean and dry the case before reinstalling it on your phone.
  • To begin cleaning a leather iPhone cover, use a moist towel to wipe it down.
  • If the case is soiled or discolored, a little soap or detergent can be used to assist remove the grime.
  • Take care to properly clean and dry the case before reinstalling it on your phone.

Our phone cases required? How to Safeguard Your Phone

Nothing is more upsetting than putting your phone on the ground and picking it up only to see the entire screen broken to bits. So, as much as we like the sleek look of an exposed smartphone, we always take care to safeguard our phones.

Some phone covers, however, will do nothing to keep your phone from breaking, while others (by adding extra weight) may potentially make matters worse.

To help you understand the world of leather phone case, here's a quick explanation from Andar on the various ways you might break your phone and how phone cases can help you avoid major damage. Then we'll talk about which phone case is best for you.

And, of course, we'll answer the burning question on everyone's mind: Do phone covers really need to be used?

Why Do Phones Break?

You can break your phone in any way you choose. We've seen it all, from unintentionally walking on it when it slips out of your pocket to place it in the washing machine with your clothes.

However, when it comes to the sort of damage that your phone suffers, there are two primary categories that will necessitate distinct solutions:

The screen that is cracked or broken.

The majority of today's phones feature huge glass displays, which are prone to breaking and shattering.

To grasp a sliver of the science underlying why a screen breaks, remember that dropping your phone generates potential energy that must be channeled someplace.

We're going to drop some science: the impact of the drop converts the produced energy into surface energy, which is the primary cause of the cracks on your phone screen.

Depending on the height of the drop and the angle of the fall, you'll see either small cracks in certain areas (such as the corners) or a continuous crack extending across the screen.

phone case leather

Even if you have iron fists, there are other ways to ruin your phone. Keeping your phone in your pocket, for example, where it will rub against hard things, might result in serious scratches. Although not technically a fracture, the abrasion created by repeated rubbing might make your phone screen more prone to cracking.

Of course, not all cellphones malfunction in the same manner. Depending on the hardness and strength of your phone, you may be able to get away with a cracked or scratched phone screen. Unfortunately, it is not the reality for many of us.

Benefits of Leather phone Cases:

But what exactly are the advantages of leather phone cases? How do you know whether it is the type of case you require? While we think that everyone should be able to wrap their beloved phone babies in our luxury leather phone covers, we've developed a list of particular reasons why you should pick a Bullstrap leather phone case over the generic ones from the mall kiosk.

Durable: When properly cared for, leather lasts a long time! It not only lasts for years, but the patina of your leather will continue to grow, making your leather phone case one-of-a-kind.

Shock Resistant: The soft calfskin leather we use for our leather phone covers is inherently shock-resistant, which can help protect your phone from tiny impacts. We do, however, recommend that you take careful care of both your phone and the case to preserve their longevity.

Business-Friendly: The Bullstrap leather phone covers are sophisticated! Because of the professional appearance of leather, you no longer need to feel embarrassed when you retrieve your phone from your backpack or briefcase. Unlike cartoon-styled covers and wacky designs, our leather phone case exude an understated refinement that is far more appropriate in the workplace.

Textured: As previously said, Bullstrap's leather phone covers are constructed of genuine calfskin leather, which has a natural pebbled texture throughout the case. This pebbled texture has tiny grooves that make it more pleasant to handle and easier to grip. Combine this pebbled texture with the softness of the calfskin, and you've got a phone case you won't want to put down (and if you do, the sticky texture won't let you off so easily: you'll be grateful).

Aesthetically pleasing: - Leather phone cases offer your phone a high-quality aesthetic that complements almost any outfit. Carry your phone in any bag, backpack, or holster in your pocket with any outfit, and you can be confident that it will never conflict with your style. It also goes well with our other leather accessories.

phone cases leather

Thermal Balance: - Leather is one of the best materials for retaining your phone's thermal balance (just another one of our favorite leather benefits). Because leather is a permeable skin, it enables heat to leave and cool air to infiltrate. When playing games or watching movies on your phone, choosing leather for your phone cover can help diffuse heat and keep the phone from overheating.

Did you know you can simply waterproof high-end leather to provide a natural water barrier for your phone? While a leather phone cover will not protect your phone if it falls into a pool of water, it will help deflect rainfall and mild splashes. If the leather is well cared for, it will simply reflect the water and enable it to roll off. It's more than simply a good look, you see.

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