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How to Choose the Best Kawaii Phone Case for Your Phone

You are obsessed with your phone. You've spent a lot of money on finding the perfect model and signing up for a monthly cellular plan with adequate data to use your favourite applications. You want to safeguard your phone with a cover so that it works well and looks good.

Assess your protection requirements.

You'll need a different amount of security for your phone depending on how you use it, your lifestyle, and where you go. Someone who spends a lot of time outside, whether it's boating, adventure travel, working in the field, or hiking, should consider purchasing a robust case to protect their phone from the elements. 

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Someone who works from home and just gets out once in a while, on the other hand, could be OK with a more stylish phone cover. Consider whether you want to pay a monthly charge for insurance or if you want to save money by fixing your gadget. Understanding how much protection your phone needs will help you figure out how much money you can spend on a phone cover.

Find Out More About Case Options

There are several varieties of mobile phone cases on the market. Folio covers, which fold over to protect the screen and may include space for credit cards, are available. Battery cases add much-needed battery life. Waterproof cases promise to allow phone owners to immerse their devices in water, although the covers may not always protect against water damage. If specific phone cover features are crucial to you, it's worth looking into what sort of case contains them.

Examine the feedback

There are two reasons why people often write product evaluations. Either they're overjoyed with their purchase (and/or the firm has requested them to submit a review), or they've had severe problems with the phone case's quality. Examine all of the unfavorable reviews to determine if there is a recurring trend. If everyone and a two-star reviewer claim that the Kawaii phone case broke within a few weeks, the case's construction may be defective.

To Determine a Price Range

Phone covers are available at a variety of pricing points. In some respects, you get the quality you pay for, so if you get the cheapest phone cover available, it may not function. TCR offers affordable prices on all of the phone covers we sell. Furthermore, if we don't have the exact case you're searching for in stock, we can always purchase it for you! You may rest certain that you're receiving the best deal on whatever mobile phone cover you pick.

Determine which features you appreciate.

If you have a favorite function in a phone cover, look for cases that have that feature as well as the appropriate amount of protection. Wrist bands, power packs, slim profiles, waterproof coverings, and screen protectors are all popular features. Prioritize what you want because you might not find a single case that has everything you want.

Investing in the correct mobile phone cover may safeguard your phone, save you money on repairs, lengthen the life of your phone, and keep its resale value high. With so many phone covers to choose from, it's critical to find one that's suitable for you. If one case isn't enough to fulfill your demands, it's OK to get a few phone cases to swap out when you'd benefit from a different cover.

Determine how long you intend to keep your phone.

Consider how long you intend to keep your phone. If you've owned your phone for a few years, it might not be a good idea to spend a lot of money on a case if you plan to replace it soon. Many phone covers are model-specific, so even if you purchase a new iPhone, the Kawaii phone case you buy today will not fit. If you just bought your phone, you should buy a more expensive case to protect it for a longer period of time. This way, you won't have to buy a new case as often.

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What materials are used to make Kawaii phone cases?

Polymers such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polycarbonate (PC), and silicone are commonly used in phone cases. People use TPU because it's the most common material because it has the best mix of weight, flexibility, and strength.

To add bumpers and other protective features to a case, more rigid polymers like PC are frequently utilized in combination with TPU. These cases also come in a variety of designs, including transparent finishes and a variety of colors.

Flexible, durable, and with a wonderful soft rubbery texture, silicone is an excellent choice for phone covers. It is less likely to crack than TPU or PC because it is usually thinner and lighter. They also come in a variety of colors, but because of their rubbery feel, they are more difficult to clean.

Phone covers are made of TPU, PC, silicone, bioplastics, and high-end materials like leather and wood.

Leather is occasionally used in cases, but only as part of a hybrid design. This indicates the case's inner is TPU, with a thin layer of leather on the outside. These casings are attractive and develop a patina with time, but the thin leather layer is susceptible to harm. Keep this in mind before you make a purchase.

In recent years, more environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable plastic and even wood, have been employed in some cases in recent years. These are less resistant to wear and tear than polymers and do not last as long. However, the majority of users will replace their phones every few years, and when they do, that plastic cover will be discarded. This is a strategy to reduce your environmental impact.

Which material is best for my Kawaii phone case?

Cases made of plastic

With the gorgeous brushed finishes that new phones now come in, it might feel like a shame to cover up your sleek new gadget with a case right away. If you want to show off your new tech while keeping it safe from bumps and scrapes, our fully customizable clear phone cases might be just what you're looking for. You can protect your phone and the environment at the same time with these cases. They are made of 100% recyclable materials, like soft silicone or reinforced polycarbonate.

Cases made of silicone

Silicone phone covers are flexible, light, and tightly wrap around your phone, providing effective shock absorption and protection from minor impacts. Another feature of silicone covers is that the bevel around the screen is raised. This means that you can put your phone face down and not worry about scratches and scrapes.

Cases made of polycarbonate

Because hard phone covers are composed of hardened polycarbonate, they are incredibly durable yet ultra-slim. A hard case will provide additional protection to your phone's fragile corners, edge, and back. In addition to clear hard cases, we also provide completely printed and customized polycarbonate hard phone covers in an eye-catching matte or gloss finish.

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Cases made of leather

Leather phone covers are an excellent choice if you want to preserve your phone in style! Because of its natural toughness, leather is excellent at protecting your device from scratches and is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Another benefit of a leather phone cover is that it has a natural non-slip grip, which makes it less likely to fall out of your hand.

Contrary to popular belief, a high-quality leather phone cover does not have to be expensive. Wrappz is happy to offer a wide range of beautiful hand-made leather cases that can be personalized with monograms and printed with your own designs.

Cases made of simulated leather

Faux leather phone covers are a lovely, animal-friendly solution that nevertheless has the excellent appearance and protection of genuine leather. Wrappz is proud to provide the world's first digitally printed fake leather covers, which allow you to customize your own faux leather phone cases with any picture!

Best Kawaii phone cases for security

For those whose phones are particularly vulnerable to bumps and scratches, you may be wondering what the ideal form of phone cover for protection is.

In terms of protection, a hard phone cover made of reinforced polycarbonate would go a long way. Our specifically designed heavy-duty phone covers, on the other hand, are the finest protective Kawaii phone cases on the market for those of us who are extremely accident-prone, or perhaps simply want that additional bit of comfort knowing our phones are safe. Even better, a super-strong casing does not have to be large and heavy.

Our customized heavy-duty phone covers are carefully made to be ultra-slim, with a shockproof inner layer topped by a tough outer shell, so your phone may be extra-protected while still looking great!

Will a case protect your phone from harm?

A phone is a significant financial investment that performs a variety of functions for us, including allowing us to communicate with others from almost anywhere, as well as serving as an address book, video and still camera, gaming distraction, television, alarm clock, and private administrative assistant, among many, many other things. It's no wonder. Therefore, phone covers have grown almost as popular as phones themselves, shielding your investment from shock, wetness, and dirt/dust.

While they add some extra bulk that phone makers have worked hard to eliminate, most phone owners think that an investment in a robust cover is well worth it. If nothing else, it's less expensive than getting a new phone every time your existing one breaks. In most circumstances, it's cheaper than having your phone fixed, depending on where you send it and whether your warranty is still valid.

a phone case kawaii

Will it keep your phone safe from harm? Although phones are designed to be portable and durable, nothing is unbreakable. However, depending on the quality of the case selected, it may surely give an extra layer of protection that may rescue your phone in many situations where an unprotected phone would meet its fate. For example, a decent case will protect you against the following:

Tragically, phones are dropped by mistake. When a phone falls and strikes the floor, a strong case may absorb a significant amount of the impact. This protects the phone's screen and may also protect the phone's electronic parts from being hurt.

Wetness. When a phone is dropped, it can fall into the water, especially for those who use their phones on the toilet. In other instances, moisture enters the phone from a dropped drink or heavy rain. A case that provides waterproofing and impact resistance can keep your phone running normally even if it goes into the toilet.

Should I Invest in a Phone Case? 

A Kawaii Phone Case Is Beneficial In The Case Of An Unintentional Drop:

One of the primary reasons people buy phone covers is to safeguard their phones in case they drop them on the floor by mistake.

We've all dropped our phones at some point, but if you're continuously dropping your phone, you should acquire a Kawaii phone case.

How much security do you require for your phone? The sort of phone you have determines how much security you require.

Many of the top phones on the market now feature a slick rear cover, which makes it simpler to drop the phone.

As a consequence, putting a case on the phone will allow you to acquire a better grip when holding the phone. As a result, you won't drop the phone in the first place.

Should I Invest in a Kawaii Phone Case?

On some phones, the camera lens is flush with the rear cover. If you drop one of these phones and the back panel of the phone strikes the ground, the camera may be damaged.

If this occurs, it may have an unfavorable effect on the camera's operation as well as the quality of the photographs and movies you shoot.

Dropping the phone could damage the buttons, which could make the phone less useful.

kawaii phone cases

Dropping Your Phone Kills the Resale Value

If you drop your phone and it gets damaged or anything breaks, the resale value of the phone will suffer. If you sell your old phone when you upgrade, putting a case on it will help to protect its resale value.

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