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About this iPhone 8 case

  • Shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners of this Air Armor are compatible with the iPhone SE case. So drops and bumps can be absorbed by your phone to avoid.
  • This iPhone SE case combines a strong acrylic back with flexible polymer sides to keep your phone safe.
  • Protection for the screen and camera: raised screen and camera edges protect against damage and scratches.
  • Scratch Resistant: The durable acrylic back of the iPhone SE never covers yellows and resists scratches, guaranteeing that your iPhone SE case remains crystal clear for longer.
  • Wireless Charging Capable: thin enough to allow wireless charging while protecting your phone.


  • Air Armor Clear Case:  Compatible with iPhone SE and iPhone 8
  • Military - Grade Drop Protection: Air -  Guard corners absorb shock. 
  • Screen and Camera Protection: Raised screen and camera edges.
  • Stay Original: Show off your phone’s original style.

Our guide to picking the best case for your new phone

Because most cellphones nowadays are made of metal or glass, keeping them secure and damage-free might be tough. Even if you don't want to hide the phone's attractive design, a nice case or cover can help. However, in rare circumstances, it might also add some style points. There's a case for everyone, from the ultra-slim to the incredibly tough.

If you're seeking to buy a phone case, you might be wondering what kinds of covers are available or which phone case companies to trust. We try our best to address these questions and showcase some of the top smartphone case makers in our buyer's guide.

What should I look for in a phone case?

The sort of phone case you wish to buy is one of the first important selections you must make. We're delighted to say that you now have a plethora of choices. Here's a short rundown of what's going on:

For thin cases, they give up safety for the sake of beauty and simplicity. They add little to the phone's overall size, but they don't provide anything in the way of drop protection or other functionality.

Hybrid cases: These are the "standard" cases that you see at most stores, and they come in a wide range of designs. These are the cases that most people should purchase.

Rugged cases are thick and hefty, and they provide maximum protection from drops at the sacrifice of aesthetics. They frequently come with additions such as kickstands and waterproofing.

Clear cases: Clear cases are transparent and simple, allowing you to show off your phone's design while keeping it safe from drops. Just bear in mind that they might be tough to maintain.

Wallet cases: Wallet cases protect your phone while allowing you to store cards, IDs, or cash. Aside from cardholder cases, folio-style covers with a cover to protect your screen are also available.

Magnetic cases are made to function with magnetic attachments, such as Apple's MagSafe system. There aren't many alternatives, and they're very specialized, but they can open up some intriguing possibilities.

Cases with a built-in battery pack are fantastic for camping or extended journeys, but they're too large for regular usage. They frequently include reverse-wireless charging for other gadgets as well.

Most flagship phones nowadays have some level of water protection, but none of them can withstand saltwater. Some rather uncommon and specialised circumstances exist to fill that void.

Skins: Skins aren't exactly cases, but they serve a similar purpose. They provide very little protection, though, because they just adhere to your phone using adhesive, much like a sticker.

The majority of people choose thin and hybrid casings. They provide a nice balance of protection and elegance, generally at a reasonable price. Plus, with so many different styles and colors to select from (including clear covers), you're likely to find one that matches your personality. You may also personalize the case with text or other graphics with some companies.

If you want a little more utility from your case, you’ve got even more options. Wallets and magnetic cases are useful for regular use, and more specialised choices like battery cases are useful in specific scenarios. Rugged cases often offer military-grade protection, avoiding severe damage from falls as high as 20 feet, if you operate in the field (or are just a little clumsy).

Phone Cases Made of Plastic and Silicone Rubber

Both plastic and silicone rubber are popular phone case materials because they offer high durability, flexibility, and a surface that is easy to clean. It can withstand stains and filth better than a leather or wood case, and it cleans up very simply.

Make a sudsy water solution with a pinch of dish soap to begin with. Place the phone case in the dish, allow it to soak in the solution for a few minutes, and then deep clean it.

If your phone case's corners, nooks, and crannies are exceptionally grimy, you may make a baking soda and vinegar paste and scrape it into these places with a toothbrush to add more grit.

Rinse it well under cold water once you've removed the extra filth. Then, dry the phone case using a soft, non-abrasive microfiber suede towel. Lint will not accumulate on the rubber substance as a result of this. Are there any stains left? Wipe off the soiled area with a damp cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Your rubber phone case should now be spotless!

Phone Case Made of Leather

Cleaning a leather phone cover is not the same as cleaning a plastic or rubber phone case. Furthermore, leather phone cases, particularly wallet-style phone cases, are well-used. When leather begins to break in and take on a more warm, worn appearance, it looks terrific, but stains and grime are a different story. Plus, while you might enjoy a worn-in look on a club chair or a leather jacket, you won't want it on your phone cover. So, if you need to clean a leather phone cover, follow these steps:

When cleaning a leather phone case, the first rule is to never apply the liquid directly to the cover. Leather is porous. Therefore, it should only be cleaned with a moist towel, not a wet one! The second rule of leather cleaning is to use a basic cleaning solution. Any dyed or colored cleaning solution may stain the leather, so use an essential hand soap that is soft on your skin and the leather casing. Dip a microfiber cloth in a basin of water with a drop of hand soap, then wring it out so it isn't wet. Then, wipe off the leather casing with a moist towel.

Remove all extra water with a second dry cloth to fully dry the leather phone cover. Since leather might stretch, rub the case in tiny movements as you dry it, never in long strides. If you leave your leather phone cover out in the sun or realize it isn't as soft as it used to be, use a leather conditioner to restore its buttery softness.

A wooden cell phone case

Cleaning a wooden phone case is like cleaning a wooden table. Rather than soaking it with a cleaning solution, you should dust it and wipe it down with a slightly moist towel. A porous wood phone cover, on the other hand, might absorb fluids, expand, and cause harm. The most straightforward approach to maintaining and keeping a wooden phone case clean is to regularly wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

How we put phone covers to the test

We evaluated iPhone case brands based on a range of parameters to come up with the top choices for this guide. A significant portion of our judgment is dependent on the quality of each brand's cases, which we evaluate based on the following criteria:

  • How long do the cases last?
  • The materials utilized in the case's construction are of high grade.
  • Whether it is comfortable to hold
  • How simple it is to put each case on and take it off.
  • What is the ease with which each case takes up dirt and grease?
  • How simple each situation is to clean up

We also consider other aspects, such as the number of cases available and the price, while evaluating each brand.

We dropped a compatible smartphone wearing each case from a height of five feet onto a marble floor to evaluate durability. We then looked for evidence of damage to the case and the phone.

We know that, in addition to protection, a case's total worth is influenced by its appearance. That's why we put these cases through their paces to see how well they withstand smudges from greasy fingers and how simple they are to clean. To do so, we rubbed our hands in a bowl of Nacho Cheese Doritos, one of the messiest (and most tasty) store-bought foods on the market, then wiped our hands all over each case. Unless otherwise noted, we cleaned each case according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5 Incredible Reasons to Get a Phone Case

A phone cover is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your smartphone. It offers several advantages for your phone, and smartphones are costly to purchase due to their high cost. 

As a result, you must safeguard your smartphone to guarantee that it endures the test of time and provides you with a good return on your investment. There are a variety of phone covers available nowadays, and all you have to do is select the one that is the best fit for your phone. The following are some of the reasons why you may require a phone case:

 1. extends the life of your phone

Your phone's longevity is determined by how you use it. It will last longer if you properly safeguard it, but it will wear out quicker if you mishandle it.

The good news is that phone cases assist in extending the life of your phone by protecting it. Even if it falls, it will be safer than if it falls nude and unprotected.

2. Is it dust-resistant?

Dust is one of the most common factors that affects mobile phones, since it tends to obstruct some of the phone's functionality, such as the speakers. This usually necessitates dusting your phone on a regular basis. Dust also has an effect on your phone's housing, as it causes it to lose its original color as it wears away over time. Even if it is still fresh, your phone begins to appear outdated and unattractive.

Phone cases, on the other hand, protect your phone from dust because it is enclosed within, and the dust just collects on the case, which you can wipe away with a clean cloth and you're good to go.

3. It shields the phone's screen.

A phone case not only covers the back and sides of your phone, but it also protects the screen. It guarantees that your phone's screen is protected in such a manner that it does not touch the ground even if it falls.

Are you curious as to how? This is because an ideal phone case protrudes above your phone screen, and when it falls, it’s only the case that touches the ground. The majority of phone cases in Australia are composed of rubber and bounce on the ground to protect your screen.

4. Are anti-slip mats available?

The majority of phone cases on the market are soft and comfortable to hold. They provide a nice grip and are comprised of anti-slip materials.

So, if you clothe your phone in a phone case, you can grasp it snugly in your hands without it slipping. This decreases the likelihood of it sliding and falling, extending the life of your phone.

5. Provide a variety of options

There are several phone covers available nowadays in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and patterns, to name a few. You merely have to select an excellent phone case for your phone.

There are phone cases for practically every smartphone kind, so it doesn't matter what kind of phone you have.

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