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About this iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Designer

  • Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Lasting, antimicrobial technology helps protect the case exterior against many common bacteria. It does not protect you or the screen.
  • Thin, sleek, stylish, pocket-friendly, one-piece design, with wraparound colors and graphics, adds seamless style.
  • Durable protection: The shield protects against drops, bumps, fumbles, and scratches; the beveled edge helps protect the touchscreen.
  • Rugged pc back, protecting from accident drops, scratches.
  • Easy access to all the controls and features, with perfect cutouts for speakers, cameras, and other ports.
  • Raised edges ensure protection for the screen and camera.


  • Compatible with the iPhone12 Pro Max
  • Fit your iPhone perfectly.
  • Reveal the Original:
  • Support for wireless charging.

Incredible Reasons to Get a Phone Case

A phone cover is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your smartphone. It offers several advantages for your phone, and smartphones are costly to purchase due to their high cost. As a result, you must safeguard your smartphone to guarantee that it endures the test of time and provides you with a good return on your investment. 

There are a variety of phone covers available nowadays, and all you have to do is select the one that is the best fit for your phone. The following are some of the reasons why you may require a phone case:

Phone cases extend the life of your phone

Your phone's longevity is determined by how you use it. If you properly safeguard it, it will last longer, but it will wear out more quickly if you mishandle it.

The good news is that phone cases assist in extending the life of your phone by protecting it. So even if it falls, it will be safer than if it falls nude and unprotected.

Phone cases can add dust resistance

Dust is one of the most common factors that affect mobile phones since it obstructs some of the phone's functionality, such as the speakers. This usually necessitates dusting your phone regularly. Dust also affects your phone's housing, as it causes it to lose its original color as it wears away over time. As a result, even if it is still fresh, your phone appears outdated and unattractive.

On the other hand, phone cases protect your phone from dust because it is enclosed within, and the dust collects on the subject, which you can wipe away with a clean cloth, and you're good to go.

Phone cases shield the phone's screen

A phone case covers the back and sides of your phone, but it also protects the screen. It guarantees that your phone's screen is protected so that it does not touch the ground even if it falls.

Are you curious as to how? An optimal phone case protrudes over your phone screen, allowing just the chance to hit the ground when it falls. Most phone cases in Australia are composed of rubber and bounce on the ground to protect your screen.

Phone cases can be anti-slip

The majority of phone cases on the market are soft and comfortable to hold. In addition, they provide an excellent grip and are comprised of anti-slip materials.

So, if you clothe your phone in a phone case, you can grasp it snugly in your hands without it slipping. This decreases the likelihood of it sliding and falling, extending the life of your phone.

Phone cases provide a variety of options

There are several phone covers available nowadays in various colors, shapes, materials, and patterns, to name a few. So all you have to do now is select the best phone cover for your device. There are phone cases for practically every smartphone kind, so it doesn't matter what phone you have.

Why Choose the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

When the iPhone 12 Pro Max was released, it was the most significant iPhone Apple had ever built, and it was undoubtedly the greatest. Unfortunately, it was also somewhat pricey at $1,099/£1,099/AU $1,849. Moreover, it's a little more challenging since Apple no longer offers it directly.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max design is similar to that of the other handsets in the iPhone 12 family for 2020: there's a new flat-sided frame that appears more industrial and is a touch less pleasant to grip than last year's model. It's a whole new aesthetic that dates back to the iPhone 4 a decade ago but has made a resurgence in the current iPad Pro versions.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been replaced in Apple's store by the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, both phones are the same size, so they share the company's biggest phone title. In addition, while Apple retains earlier basic models in its inventory, the bigger models are usually discreetly retired, so you'll be able to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max through other stores, perhaps at a discount, but not directly from Apple.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, comes in more subdued hues, and we like the gleaming metal ring around the edge (even though it's a fingerprint magnet). It gives the large phone a more contemporary, industrial appearance.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max is just slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max from 2019, the bezels surrounding the OLED display have been decreased, allowing Apple to expand the screen size to 6.7 inches — which is a solid incentive to upgrade to the new larger iPhone.

On the more prominent display, images are sharper and more apparent, and you can see more of a web page or image in everyday use – and it's the finest iPhone ever as a movie-watching machine. Moreover, it's one of the most incredible displays on the market, capable of rendering vibrant scenes and more subdued tones.

Camera improvements on the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The camera array on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is the highlight: there are three cameras, each of which has been improved with superior picture processing. While the camera block protrudes from the back of the phone more than on prior iPhones, the primary 12MP sensor has been enhanced to capture a lot more light, and image processing has also been improved—some of the photographs we shot were very stunning.

However, in our testing, the 12 Pro Max's camera performance wasn't that far ahead of the iPhone 12 Pro's, which was unexpected — shots were generally clearer and brighter than the 12 Pro Max, but not significantly.

If you're a budding filmmaker, the 12 Pro Max is well worth considering — it comes with Dolby Vision recording at 4K and 60 frames per second, so if you're a content producer looking for a phone that can capture high-quality footage, the 12 Pro Max is a good option.

HDR will also boost the brightness and color of your videos, but it may appear unnatural, and the clips will take up more storage space on your phone. So it isn't a feature that most people should consider upgrading for.

More Great Features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The 12 Pro Max comes with 128GB of storage, which is the very least we'd anticipate given how rapidly the cameras fill it up-and with 5G on board, you'll be able to download stuff faster, making it even more straightforward to fill up your phone with movies and music.

Although 5G is the future of mobile connectivity, it isn't a compelling incentive to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro Max just yet. Because 5G coverage is still lacking in many regions of the world, many consumers will find this functionality obsolete for the time being.

Unless you reside in the middle of a big city, the connection will become much more prevalent in the coming years, so getting a 5G iPhone is more about future-proofing than enjoying next-gen speeds.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max also has Apple's unique MagSafe technology, which allows you to magnetically attach chargers, cases, and accessories to your new iPhone. We enjoy this innovation, and more accessories are being released. MagSafe will only improve with time, and purchasing the iPhone 12 Pro Max will ensure that you are future-proofed as new attachments become available.

One of the main reasons for choosing the iPhone 12 Pro Max over the other new iPhones is the battery life; it boasts the largest battery of all the new iPhones due to its oversized frame. In our tests, we comfortably exceeded a day of usage, and even on days when we pushed the battery, we got to 7:30 pm before needing to charge. So if you've read our iPhone 12 Pro review and are concerned about how long it will last, we recommend upgrading to the Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the Apple smartphone if you want the best of everything. This smartphone is enticing because of its vast and vivid display, improved camera, longer battery life, and excellent grunt inside. This is the model to choose if your hands can handle the extra weight (and your pocketbook can take the higher price).

Suppose the Pro Max is too much for you or is out of your price range. In that case, the iPhone 12 Pro delivers a similar feature set and performance for a lower price (albeit without the longer battery life) – and the difference between the cameras isn't as significant as we thought.

If you prefer Android, there are a few more excellent options to consider, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which ranks first on our list of best smartphones. You should also consider the OnePlus 9 Pro, which equals or outperforms the iPhone 12 Pro Max in many areas while costing somewhat less.

The release date and price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max are unknown.

Now that the charging brick and headphones are no longer included, the iPhone package is thinner. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Following an announcement on October 13, 2020, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be available a few weeks after the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were released. While the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were available on October 23, Apple later chose to release the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, Pro Max.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro Max began on November 6, 2020, and the phone is currently available for purchase across the world.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a colossal device. Even if it's only by a few millimeters, it's still one of Apple's most giant iPhones. However, it seems more significant in the hand since it sports the new squared edges of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, which mimic the rugged, industrial look of the new iPad Pro range.

That's not to suggest it's a terrible thing; if you're not getting the 12 Pro Max because you want a big iPhone, you're missing the point.

Because of the phone's jagged edges, it's not as pleasant to grip as the more rounded iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has curved sides that fold more softly into the palm.

The Pro Max's more "mature" hues are one of its primary features; the exterior is a gleaming stainless steel band, and this, as well as the front accent and the back of the phone, is now available in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Pacific Blue.

That gleaming outside rim may appear excellent, but it's a magnet for fingerprints, so expect to polish it to keep it looking fresh and expensive.

Given the price, you'd expect a high-end phone, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not disappoint, especially in the gold color we tested.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is essentially a bigger version of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, and despite its size, it still fits comfortably in hand, with the Siri/screen lock button on the left and the volume buttons on the right easily reachable.

The three-camera arrangement on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max protrudes considerably farther than on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, thanks to a bigger sensor beneath to suck in more light (we'll discuss whether this is worth it in the camera section, but – spoiler warning – it's not terrible at all).


The iPhone 12 Pro Max features the most prominent display of any iPhone ever made, motivating it to upgrade.

All versions in the iPhone 12 series include OLED panels, which make a considerable difference at this size and are in line with new technologies that debuted on the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. This is referred to as a "Super XDR OLED display" by Apple, and it means a screen that is clear, bright, and crisp, with excellent color reproduction.

It's a significant advance for anyone upgrading from a previous iPhone—the display is noticeably better, and photographs have a lot more color and depth.

The screen on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max can stretch farther to the sides of the smartphone thanks to lower bezels around the display, resulting in a 6.7-inch production compared to a 6.5-inch affair on the 11 Pro Max. it looks pretty good. Moreover, compared to last year's phone, the larger screen adds to the sensation of immersion when viewing movies or other comparable content.

It's not a huge leap forward in terms of brightness – this is the same OLED panel we saw on the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – but it's razor-sharp, and streamed or downloaded content looks dynamic on the bigger screen, with high contrast ratios, making blockbuster action movies and nature documentaries look incredibly absorbing.


The camera array on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most compelling reason to upgrade. The ordinary wide, ultra-wide, and 2.5x telephoto zoom cameras are all 12MP, and they've all been enhanced from last year, with Night Mode on the ultra-wide sensor and the primary shooter.

While there may not be much difference between the 12 Pro Max and the 12 Pro, Apple has made it clear that the Pro Max is the way to go if you want the most incredible photography experience on an iPhone.

It accomplishes this entirely by using the massive new iPhone. In addition, the sensor is more prominent on the inside (due to the increased size), resulting in a camera that can absorb more light and shoot brighter, more explicit photographs, reducing the need for a separate camera.

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