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About this iPhone 11 case

  • Compatible with iPhone 11 with a 6.1-inch screen 
  • Durable materials, surface layer smooth. 
  • Anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant performance, drop protection.
  • Total Body Protection The 1 mm lip outer design raises the screen slightly and protects your iPhone screen or camera from dropping or laying face down on the surface.
  • An exquisite tactile button Access to all ports, controls, & sensors.


  • Easy to clean. The phone case can be cleaned with a damp rag.

  • Easy to use. Install the case from one corner; take the case off with your finger belly.

  • Easy to use. Install the case from one corner; take the case off with your finger belly.

  • Full body protection. Unlike some other cases without bottom protection, this case provides all-around protection for your precious iPhone.

Is it possible to use the iPhone 11 while showering?

It's not a good idea to use an iPhone 11 in the shower. While the ambient wetness may not be harmful, direct contact with the shower's spray is likely to be. If you really must have your phone in the bathroom, place it on the sink and wait until you're out of the shower to respond to that text.

Is it possible to use the iPhone 11 underwater?

The same principle applies to using a phone in the pool. If the phone falls into the water and isn't too deep, it might be able to survive a brief plunge. You should not attempt to capture photographs underwater. Sure, you might get away with it without harming your phone, but is it really worth it? If you want to snap photos underwater, choose a waterproof phone cover made for the job.

When Should You Use a Case?

Let's face it: smartphone cases still make sense for some folks. For example, if you rely on a smartphone for critical communications in a high-stakes job or if you use one on a regular basis in a life-or-death circumstance where someone may perish if your smartphone fails, Because you won't be able to fix or replace your smartphone in an emergency, you'll need to secure it.

In certain circumstances, the Otterbox Defender range of smartphone covers is one of the hardest and most well-respected on the market. They're not cheap, but they'll keep your smartphone safe from the elements. Before you buy, just make sure you pick the proper model for your smartphone.

Additionally, some smartphone covers provide additional battery life (allowing you to operate for extended periods of time without charging) or serve as a basic wallet for crucial cards like your ID or bank card. They provide convenience in addition to safety, so they may be worth the added weight.

You're not alone if you don't use a smartphone case. Over 20% of smartphone owners do not use a case. With the availability of full break-protection guarantees and stronger screen glass, those figures may only rise over time. Become a part of the case-free movement!

Reasons To Use A Phone Case

Accidents happen regardless of how cautious you are. Even if you have AppleCare+ or an Android warranty, if you drop your phone and shatter it, you might be looking at hundreds of dollars in repairs.

The majority of individuals are concerned about phone drops since the display might be cracked. Dropping your naked phone on a hard surface, on the other hand, might harm the phone's interior components as well. If additional elements of the phone are broken, Apple and other phone makers will have to replace the entire phone.

Use a phone cover to alleviate the tension. Spending just $15 on a good cover can save you from the high cost of cell phone repairs – or, worse, from having to purchase a new phone!

In addition, your case might have a purpose greater than merely protecting your phone:

  • Wallet cases enable you to effortlessly keep credit cards, IDs, shopping cards, and other items on your phone, ensuring that you never leave the house without the necessities.
  • Waterproof cases allow you to shoot photos or movies underwater while also protecting your phone from accidental submersion.
  • Designed cases, such as a Harry Potter-themed cover or a unique image of your dog, let you display your individuality.

Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Covers for Protection

Extraordinary Safety

We've all had those days when nothing seems to go our way and nothing, even our hands, seems to operate the way we want it to. When you're worried, your phone might easily fall out of your palm and smash its front or rear glass into the concrete pavement. This is where smartphone covers come in handy, as you can be certain that your phone will not be damaged if it slips out of your hand unintentionally.

A phone cover functions similarly to a home for a phone. A phone cover works in the same way as a home does in protecting people from various types of damage and filth. It shields the phone's whole body against external damage, as well as scratches and nicks. Even if you drop your phone by mistake, the shock will be absorbed by your phone's case or cover, which will safeguard it from being seriously damaged.

Increased resale value

If you're thinking of updating your phone, you'll get a better deal if you safeguard it with a case. When you use a mobile phone case or cover for your phone, you are essentially safeguarding it from all types of damage, scratches, and nicks that may occur if it were not protected, lowering the phone's resale value.

The better condition your gadget is in, the higher its resale value will be, and you'll also be doing a favor for the person you're selling it to since he'll get a phone in fantastic condition, and you'll be able to afford a new phone with the extra cash.

When someone says "phone case/cover from day one," the value of your phone rises, and potential purchasers will have to pay more than the market price since the phone is in great shape with no scratches or nicks on its body.

Outward Appearance and Sensibility

The majority of individuals argue that they don't want to cover up their device's appearance and elegance, hence they don't use a mobile case or cover. However, this is a completely incorrect notion. There are now a variety of mobile cases and covers available that not only protect but also enhance the appearance of your phone. Smooth silicone edge covers with curved edges are available, and you may even obtain a personalized case or cover for your phone to get optimum protection and the aesthetic you want.

People who own expensive devices, such as the new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11, believe that using a case will hide the beauty of their new phones, but there are now very sleek, stylish, and sexy iPhone 12 Pro Cover and iPhone 11 Cover options available on the market that enhance the beauty of the devices while also providing maximum protection.

It's within reach.

Our cellphones are much more than telephones these days, and they are used for a variety of tasks in addition to calling. Smartphones currently feature edge glass displays, glass casings, and several camera lenses, making them more than just ordinary devices. They also come with a hefty price tag, so why not spend a little extra to safeguard it?

The majority of phone covers on the market cost less than $15, and the finest phone cases with full-body protection cost less than $30. At an extremely low price, you receive not only a full-body case but also a built-in screen protector made of dual-layered TPU materials. When you spend so much money on a high-end smartphone, you may as well invest a few extra dollars to secure it.

Expanded Capabilities

Mobile phone covers used to have only one purpose: to safeguard the phone. Those days are long gone. There are currently a variety of mobile phone covers and cases on the market that, in addition to protecting the smartphone from exterior harm, also serve additional functions. For example, some mobile phone covers have cards or holders for holding the phone while viewing videos. Customers currently have a plethora of choices from which to pick based on their personal interests.

Can Cases Mess Up the iPhone's Signal?

If you carry your phone on the job, putting it in a case can protect it from harm, make it more comfortable to use, and let you tie it to a work belt. Most iPhone cases do not interfere with the mobile signal because they are designed to operate with the phone. Metal or magnetic clips, on the other hand, may degrade the quality of your signal in some situations.

Signal Analysis on the iPhone

If you think your iPhone signal has deteriorated after you added a case, try removing the case and resetting the phone to see if it makes a difference. Hold the "Sleep/Wake" button until the red power slider shows after removing your iPhone from the cover. Wait for the phone to switch off while sliding the bar. To reset your phone, press "Sleep/Wake" once again, and check whether you get a stronger signal than before. Removing the case may not cause the bars on your phone to refresh; rebooting the phone requires the cell service to reconnect.

Negative repercussions

If the internal cell antenna is blocked by the case design, signal loss may occur. However, the majority of case materials, such as leather or plastic, will not absorb any substantial amount of signal. Metal casings block radio waves more efficiently, which may reduce your signal quality. According to Apple, cases with magnetic clips can create interference on the iPhone, but a well-designed cover should operate without issue even then.

Purchasing a Case

Aside from the enhanced antenna design, the iPhone 5 features a sturdier, more damage-resistant body, which eliminates the need for a protective cover for the most part. If you still want a case for aesthetic or functional reasons, go to a store where you can try on cases before buying them, or return them if they don't work out. Put on a case you like, reboot your phone, and check to see whether your signal is still as good as it was before you put the case on.

This Is Why You Need a Mobile Phone Case.

The initial impression of using a phone cover or skin is that it is inconvenient and obscures the phone's elegance. Without any form of external protection for your new glossy phone, that clean, smooth outer surface, including the rear and front screens, is likely to get scratched, shattered, or cracked. The more costly the phone, the more aggravating it is when it becomes damaged and shabby. Protecting your phone, whether it's expensive or not, is a no-brainer.

Keep it fresh to maintain its worth.

You'll get a greater trade-in value if you keep the phone clean and free of damage. Even a two-year-old phone may be resold for a good price if it is in good shape. As a result, your new phone will be considerably less expensive. Any damage to the phone will decrease its resale value. Precaution and realistic forethought go a long way toward maintaining your phone's worth. The most important thing is to avoid dropping your phone. A phone cover or skin, on the other hand, will do the job wonderfully. It will guard against wear and tear, external damage, and the overall ruin of your valued mobile gadget.

There are numerous and diverse options available.

Let's have a look at some potential solutions now that we've established that a phone cover of some form is necessary and maintains the value. Mobile phone cases, covers, skins, and accessories abound on the market. Vinyl wraps, decorative skins, thin protection cases, and much more are available. Rubber, plastic, and silicone are all options. They all provide more protection than skin. Spins, on the other hand, are more appealing, less expensive, and yet offer good protection.

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