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Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Designer Phone Case

Let's face it: a personalized phone cover is one of the most popular personalized product alternatives on the market today. Furthermore, there are a variety of firms providing customized phone cases online, such as designerwood iPhone 6 cases, among many others. It's also a good idea to give personalized phone cases as gifts. You can show off your own creativity and individuality with the pictures you choose to put on your covers.

Not to add that with a bespoke phone cover, you'll be the only one with that case in the whole planet. Continue reading to learn about the top five advantages of purchasing bespoke phone cases.

phone case designer

Ageless: One of the most significant advantages of purchasing personalized phone covers is that they are timeless. Furthermore, everyone enjoys upgrading to the most recent model, and this is usually for aesthetic reasons. Designer phone cases, on the other hand, don't make you worry about how your phone looks.

Personalized: Without a doubt, one of the most important advantages of purchasing designer phone cases is the option to customize your phone cover, which makes your device particularly distinctive. Furthermore, no one else will have a mobile phone cover that is identical to yours, especially if you customize your phone case. Designer phone cases also make excellent presents.

Superior protection: It goes without saying that a custom phone cover can be both fashionable and functional.Furthermore, a high-quality personalized phone cover will be able to safeguard your smartphone from harm. Furthermore, because it is all too simple to drop a phone, the protective cover will just bounce and nothing will happen to the smartphone within.

Cost-effective: When it comes to personalized phone covers, they are not very expensive, which means you can make many and change them around as needed, depending on your preferences and mood. Besides, unless you want to spend a fortune on a genuine crystal or gold frame, your bespoke phone cover will not cost you a fortune.

Adaptable: Another significant advantage of purchasing bespoke phone cases is their adaptability. Furthermore, some of us take the time to properly adorn our cellphones in order for them to reflect something we believe in, something we like, or someone we like.

The Top 15 Reasons Why Custom Designer Phone Cases Make Excellent Promotional Items

Your company's success is dependent on your smart choice of sales and marketing methods. With 80 percent of customers owning at least one promotional object, businesses are increasingly relying on promotional items as a successful strategy for selling their brand.Not all promotional items, however, are made equal. Custom phone cases, for example, provide more value, visibility, and long-term utility than others. The following are some of the different ways that custom phone covers can be used, as well as the top 15 reasons why personalized phone cases are great promotional items.

a phone case designer

Who Should Think About Using Custom Designer Phone Cases as Promotional Items?

Organizations catering to practically any sector, generation, or geographical location may reap the benefits of personalized phone cases. Custom phone covers may help large corporations, non-profit organizations, professional organizations, and alumni groups promote their brand or cause. People in these businesses might use custom phone covers to help them spread the word about their brands:

  • Companies can show off their brand by giving out custom phone covers at trade fairs in their field.
  • They can be used by event organizers to promote a certain event concept.
  • Custom phone cases can be used by manufacturers to promote an impending product launch.
  • Annual meetings can be distributed by professional conference organisers.
  • Custom phone covers may be readily added by alumni organizations. Swag bags for alumni

Why Are Custom Phone Cases Such Effective Promotional Items?

The benefits of bespoke phone cases go well beyond their industrial adaptability. Custom phone covers are handy, highly visible, functional, and appealing to consumers all around the world. Their long-lasting, low-maintenance nature also provides them an advantage over items that show indications of wear and tear quickly. This is a list of the top 15 reasons why personalized phone cases are great for businesses to give out as gifts.

Outstanding Visibility.

Custom phone covers function as little advertising billboards, promoting your company or event at all times. With people picking up their phones 85 times a day on average, the chances for a brand to be seen through custom phone covers are never-ending.

Designer Phone Cases are International

Mobile phone owners all around the world use custom phone cases. In certain nations, such as the United States, use approaches or surpasses 75%. With many businesses moving into new markets, personalized phone covers are a good promotional gift because they're popular all over the world.

Phone Cases are Extremely beneficial.

Utility is cited by 77% of consumers as the primary reason they keep a promotional product. Phone cases serve a specific role and are utilized on a daily basis by their owners. Phone cases, in addition to promoting a brand, protect the phone and have been shown to help the average life of a mobile phone.

Designer Phone Cases are everywhere.

The attractiveness of homemade phone cases extends beyond their function to the extent of their application. Designer phone cases are useful almost anywhere—even near water! Texting and mobile searches have also boosted their use in previously restricted venues like doctor's offices and movie theaters. There are just a few areas where customers cannot actively use a personalized phone cover.

The designs are Compact and Lightweight.

Custom phone cases are just a couple of ounces (approximately 100 grammes) in weight. Unlike heavier, bulkier things like mugs and bottles, the featherweight structure of bespoke phone covers makes them an excellent alternative for firms looking for a tiny, lightweight promotional gift.

phone cases designer

Designer Phone Cases are Easy to Ship

Phone cases are appealing and cost-effective to send due to their compact size and lightweight. Because many firms ship promotional products to distant states and countries for trade exhibitions and client meetings, using bespoke phone covers to advertise a brand can result in much reduced shipping expenses. It is also simple to gather a stack of personalized phone covers and store them in your carry-on luggage for impromptu distribution during business trips.

  1. Users receive immediate satisfaction.

When customers receive a personalized phone cover, they may use it right away, meeting the needs of the "right here, right now" generation. Custom phone covers provide quick pleasure in contrast to t-shirts or coffee mugs, which are often not used right away.

Inexpensive Protection

While the cost of personalized phone covers can vary depending on the style and quantity, businesses can expect to pay as little as a couple of dollars per phone. As a favor, free graphic design is frequently given, and clients obtain more competitive prices as the amount of their purchase increases.

Extremely Adaptable.

Cell phone case choices vary greatly among consumers. Hard cases are preferred by certain users, whereas gel cases, robust cases, or wallet-style cases are preferred by others. The ability to quickly change phone covers to meet the needs of customers makes them a good promotional item.

A brief manufacturing period

A quick turnaround time is critical, particularly for busy companies that engage in a variety of events. To satisfy a company's time-sensitive demands, custom phone covers may be made in mass quickly. They buy hundreds or thousands of custom phone covers for trade fairs and special events, and they expect them to arrive in time for their next trade show, special event or annual conference.

Very Long Service Life

The long-term usability and efficacy of personalised designer phone cases as promotional items is enhanced by their longevity. Even if a consumer decides to move to a new phone case, there is a 63 percent possibility that the consumer will pass the phone case on to another person, extending the phone case's promotional effectiveness.


Custom phone covers are tiny enough to fit in a pocket or purse, making them convenient to carry with you wherever you go. Because of their tiny size and safe construction, they are an excellent promotional item for use at international trade events. Customers may quickly collect promotional items and take them through airport security without having to worry about size constraints or other standards.

designer phone case

Reusable Designs

The average customer will retain promotional materials for more than six months if they are reusable. They are better than single-use items like mints, disposable cups, and food wrappers because they can be used again and have a longer average life expectancy.

Reliable construction

Customers who have young children or pets at home might benefit from custom designer phone cases. They are not made of harmful materials, and there are no little bits that can become dislodged and consumed by children or animals.

Easy to Maintain.

Designer Phone cases are simple to clean and maintain. They are fairly scratch and dirt-resistant. A damp cloth and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean them. Because of their low-maintenance nature, they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a user-friendly promotional product. To reuse t-shirts and mugs, for example, they must be laundered or washed. T-shirts can shrink, get stained, and wrinkle, which makes them unappealing to businesses and people who want low-maintenance items.

Custom phone covers clearly provide a slew of advantages to businesses and organizations looking for a practical, cost-effective approach to advertise their brand or theme. Custom phone covers are an excellent choice for trade fair handouts, product launches, and swag bag additions due to their exceptionally high visibility and usability. Finally, their long-lasting, low-maintenance nature ensures that they will endure as successful promotional products.

Everything You Need to Know About Cell Designer Phone Cases, Skins, and Covers

A mobile phone is a significant investment that must be safeguarded. They are required for both professional and personal use, and the data on the devices necessitates their protection. A case will do this and provide you with peace of mind.

Those who plan to sell their phones in the future to upgrade should keep them in good shape. Some of the gadgets are also excessively delicate and prone to scratches, while others are overly soft and easily dropped. Mobile skins and coverings help you avoid dropping your phone. This is due to the anti-slip function, which gives the user a tighter grasp on it.

designer phone cases

The mobile phone is constantly exposed to a variety of circumstances that have the potential to harm or decrease its lifespan. These threats vary from minor yet inconvenient scrapes to the phone being damaged by natural forces such as the sun. Some of the casings are resistant to dust and heat, among other things.

Because mobile skins and covers come in a range of colors and designs, they have an aesthetic purpose. This gives your phone a more distinct and fashionable appearance. Because you'll be using it all the time, why not make it your own? Many people also prefer to personalize their cases to reflect current fashion trends.

The casings can be constructed of a variety of materials, including plastic and leather. They also come in a variety of sizes and forms. As a result, they might become a great match for your phone. A snug fit makes it easy to transport.

As opposed to needing to repair your phone, mobile phone covers are a low-cost preventative measure. It will also save you the cost of purchasing a new phone because your present one is more durable.

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