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  • The unique design pattern on the case makes your phone different and eyes-catching. It is
  • Made with high-quality materials. silky-soft touch and good grip. The soft inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free.
  • Highly Protective Raised edges offer extra protection for the camera and screen. Anti-fingerprint
  • Precise Cutouts Easy access to all controls and features


  • Slim fit, thin, lightweight, sturdy but not bulky.
  • grippy texture High-quality materials make for a non-slip grip and comfortable holding. They are pleasant to touch and easy to clean.
  • Screen and back protection slightly raised lips to protect the screen and camera from scratches and cracks. The interior is smooth and will not scratch the back of your phone when you put it in.
  • Full coverage and a pliable bottom All four corners are durable for high-grade drop protection, and the bottom of this case is flexible, which will make swipe-up gestures much more comfortable and smoother on your phone.

When it comes to updating our winter clothes, cute phone covers aren't generally the first thing that comes to mind. There are, however, a plethora of soft, snuggly cases that might make drab winter days a little more bearable. It may seem ridiculous or trivial to think of dressing up our phones for the seasons, but let's face it: we could all use a little luxury to ignite a little joy right now! Kendall Jenner appears to feel the same way.

Can transparent cases keep your phone safe?

Many people may find the idea that a clear cover can protect your phone in a way that doesn't make sense. When we think of cute clear phone cases, we tend to think of big, unsightly cases that, although absolutely useful, aren't going to show off your phone's inherent flair. But it doesn't have to be that way. Crystal clear phone cases are an example of a case that protects your phone but also looks good.

What Qualifies a Phone Case as Protective?

To fully comprehend if a clear case can be ultra-protective, we must first consider what makes a case protective in the first place. There are various aspects that influence how protective your case is; let's look at each one to see if it's achievable in a clear instance.


To effectively safeguard your phone, you'll need a case that can absorb the force caused by the phone's collapsing on the ground if you drop it. This impact is the leading cause of phone damage, so it's critical to look for a case that combines high-impact material.

Torsion Avoidance

Torsion is one of the major causes of phone damage, yet it's something most people overlook when selecting a phone case. Torsion is an engineering word that simply means "twisting," and it alludes to how phones tend to twist when they fall to the ground. To avoid this, it's critical to select a case composed of sturdy materials that will keep your phone firm when it strikes the ground.

For this reason, all of our cases include incredibly strong backplates. Polycarbonate, which is used in riot shields and is about two hundred times stronger than glass, is what we use because it keeps your phone in place when it hits the ground, reducing the chances that it will break or shatter because of twists and turns.

Another reason we utilise polycarbonate is that the material may be fully transparent. Our Clarity cases are made of polycarbonate that has been covered in a scratch-resistant coating and has anti-yellowing, UV-resistant technology built-in. This means that not only will your transparent case remain clear for longer, but it will also be extremely resistant to torsion.

Screen Security

To obtain the ultimate screen protection, buy a screen protector. We offer TPU, glass, and hybrid glass choices. However, there are actions you can take in your case to safeguard your phone screen. In the event of an unexpected drop or fall, a highly protective case will keep your phone's screen from reaching the ground.

For this reason, we developed our cases with raised edges. The raised top and bottom borders of the case help protect your screen from undesired fractures. Keeping your phone's functionality is also important to us. We've just lifted the top and bottom borders of your screen so that there is space between your screen and a hard surface without affecting the way you can swipe from edge to edge.

So Clarity, our line of clear cases, was developed with this design idea in mind, so your screen is protected even while in a clear case.

It is quite possible to have a crystal clear case that is also extremely protective, and our Clarity cases are the ideal combination of maximum protection and maximum attractiveness. These covers are designed to start clear and stay clear, allowing you to proudly exhibit the natural look of your phone while protecting it from all types of accidental damage. We think that you should not have to choose between substance and style, so Clarity provides both.

Quality of Phone Case

The wildflower case designs are attractive, but they are pricey, costing roughly $37. Quality should be anticipated at that price. The cover I received is well-made and fits my phone well. The major source of protection is a rubber bumper that wraps around the phone's top, bottom, and sides. The rear is made of plastic. Both the front and rear bumpers are lifted. If you place your phone face down, the screen will not contact the surface. When cleaning your case, use caution. Wildflower recommends a dry microfiber cloth. Take good care of your case to make it last longer.

What kind of case should you get?

There are a few crucial characteristics to look for to offer your pricey phone the protection it deserves:

  • Raised edges: if your phone falls on its face, the screen will not strike the ground because of the raised edges.
  • Shockproof corners: These absorb the impact of drops on your phone case.
  • High toughness: You don't want your phone's case to get damaged or dented every time you drop it!

Everyday usage has accumulated a lot of dirt, germs, and filth on your iPhone. If a case protects your phone, it is also contaminated with the same impurities. Cleaning your phone and patience should be done regularly. Your cleaning routine may vary depending on the type of case you have. If you're curious about how to clean a plastic or leather iPhone cover, keep reading!

What should I look for in a phone case?

The sort of phone case you wish to buy is one of the first important selections you must make. We're delighted to say that you now have a plethora of choices. Here's a short rundown of what's going on:

  • For thin cases, they give up safety for the sake of beauty and simplicity. They add little to the phone's overall size, but they don't provide anything in the way of drop protection or other functionality.
  • Hybrid cases: These are the "standard" cases that you see at most stores, and they come in a wide range of designs. These are the cases that most people should purchase.
  • Rugged cases are thick and hefty, and they provide maximum protection from drops at the sacrifice of aesthetics. They frequently come with additions such as kickstands and waterproofing.
  • Clear cases: Clear cases are transparent and simple, allowing you to show off your phone's design while keeping it safe from drops. Just bear in mind that they might be tough to maintain.
  • Wallet cases: Wallet cases protect your phone while allowing you to store cards, IDs, or cash. Aside from cardholder cases, folio-style covers with a cover to protect your screen are also available.
  • Magnetic cases are made to function with magnetic attachments, such as Apple's MagSafe system. There aren't many alternatives, and they're very specialized, but they can open up some intriguing possibilities.
  • Cases with a built-in battery pack are fantastic for camping or extended journeys, but they're too large for regular usage. They frequently include reverse-wireless charging for other gadgets as well.
  • Most flagship phones nowadays have some level of water protection, but none of them can withstand saltwater. Some rather uncommon and specialised circumstances exist to fill that void.
  • Skins: Skins aren't quite cases, but they serve a similar purpose. They don't protect your phone very well, though, because they just stick to your phone with adhesive, like a sticker.

How to Choose a Mobile Case

We spend thousands of rupees on smartphones, but we opt for the cheapest options when it comes to accessories, particularly cases. Some of us don't even think about getting one because they make our phones hefty. However, we can't dispute that phones without cases are more vulnerable to cracks, knocks, dents, and even smashed displays.

At affordable costs, a wide range of mobile phone covers with eye-catching graphics and designs are available. They guard against scratches and smudges on your phones. The best ones will even shield your phone from dents, bumps, drops, and other physical harm. If you've recently purchased a smartphone, here's a step-by-step guide to purchasing a mobile cover.


It is very important that you choose a case that is both durable and attractive. This will protect your smartphone and make it look good.


Standard or thin cases cover the back and sides of the phones while allowing full access to the screen. These are easy-to-use types of cases for people of all ages. These mobile cases are available in plain, printed, transparent, and beautiful solid color variations.

Cases that are tough and robust

Another good alternative is to use tough and durable cases, which redefine style while protecting your cellphones from scratches, bumps, and drops. Some cases are especially specialized, providing water and dust protection. Tough cases are made of numerous layers of plastic, making them tough and long-lasting. If you want a case that will protect your phone from all types of physical harm, go for strong and durable cases.

Flip or folio cases

Folios (also known as flip covers) cover every edge and corner of your smartphone and open like a book. Folio or flip cases add weight to the phone in order to provide complete edge-to-edge protection. Sometimes the flip covers have pockets for carrying cash or cards, doubling as wallets.

Bumper protection cases

These cases are lightweight and have a simple design. They just cover the sides of the phone, leaving the back and front exposed. Bumper cases are comprised of shock-absorbing materials that shield the phone from bumps. They are attractive alternatives to regular cases since they allow you to show off the design and colors of your smartphone.

Pouch bags

Pouches are simple and effective at protecting cellphones from scratches and smudges. They are not limited to smartphones and may be used to hold debit cards or cash as well. Because pouches do not attach to mobile phones, you must remove your phone each time you need to use it. Soft fabric, rubber, and leather are used to make mobile pouches. Even though these pouches provide total security, there is still the possibility of phones falling out of them. Some pouches have a button to prevent this from happening.

Cases for batteries

These cases are intended to charge phones in an emergency. They have a battery inside that allows them to do this. Battery casings, on the other hand, are often large and hefty. Aside from the design, be sure to examine the power capacity of these cases.

Skins for mobile phones

If the majority of these phone covers fail to wow you, phone skins are the way to go. These skins allow you to customise your phones while also protecting them from scratches and smudges. There are several styles to pick from, including movie characters, camouflage, matte, solid colors, textures, and many more.


Rubber and silicone

Mobile cases made of silicon and rubber are soft, flexible, and reasonably priced. These cases guard against minor dips. Covers with a rough texture help us keep the phone in our hands, so it doesn't fall out of them when we shake it.


Leather is used to make the majority of folio and flip cases. Leather cases age better than plastic cases and, more importantly, the quality improves with time. These cases are extremely easy to hold.

TPU and polycarbonate

Polycarbonate smartphone cases are rigid and provide excellent scratch protection, whilst TPU cases are softer and smoother. A combination of these two materials provides superior protection to standard plastic casings. These materials are often used to make printed cases, where the back of the case is made of rigid TPU and the sides are made of smooth polycarbonate.


Metal covers for cellphones are quite uncommon. Some bumper casings are still made of aluminum, which is very durable and resistant to scratches.

Other characteristics

Mobile cases aren't simply for personalising and protecting smartphones. Some new features customize your experience and allow you to do new things with your phone.


The majority of ordinary cases are sleek and light, but rugged and flip-design cases are hefty. Standard cases are sleek and effective at preventing scratches and small dents on your phone. Tough and flip cases are significantly thicker, but they completely wrap a smartphone's edges, sides, back, and screen. As a result, these covers are excellent for protecting phones from physical harm.

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