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About this Custom Phone Cases

  • User-Friendly made with high-quality materials. Silky-soft touch and good grip. The soft inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free.
  • Highly Protective Raised edges offer extra protection for the camera and screen. 
  • Precise Cutouts Easy access to all controls and features

Highlights Custom Phone Cases

  • Grippy Texture High-quality materials make for a non-slip grip and comfortable holding, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean.
  • Screen & Back protection Slightly raised lips to protect the screen and camera from scratches and cracks; The interior is smooth and will not scratch the back of your phone when you put it in
  • Full Coverage & Flexible Bottom All four corners are durable for high-grade drop protection, and the bottom of this case is flexible, which will make swipe-up gestures much more comfortable and smoother on your phone.

11 Benefits of Using Custom Phone Cases for Promotional Marketing

Still hesitant about using a personalized phone case as a promotional item? Here are some of the reasons why you should think about getting them.

The Benefits of Using a Custom Phone Case for Promotional Marketing

A custom phone case is a personalized smartphone cover that is often made of plastic, carbon fiber, leather, metal, and silicone.

1. Dependable Security

A personalized phone case's principal function is to safeguard your clients' phones from scratches, food spills, and damage. Furthermore, cases cushion shock, so if your customers drop their phone, they may be confident that it will not be destroyed or damaged very slightly.

When individuals buy smartphones, they usually hunt for phone covers that best match their phones and their likes.

2. Increases phone durability

Your clients' phones are constantly secured by a bespoke phone case, contributing to the phone's durability. In addition, giving complementary phone covers to your consumers will reduce the danger of external harm to their phones.

Suppose your clients' phones barely survive a fraction of the time manufacturers anticipate for them. In that case, you'll realize that internal damage is causing their demise-extended charging, excessive phone usage that might lead to overheating, etc. People will not dispute it since they understand how they are used.

Instead, you can cover their phones with promotional cases to boost their longevity.

3. fashionable

Phone covers protect devices, but they also stay up with the current design and style. You may personalize these cases to suit everyone's preferences.

Your company logo will also look great on the rear of the case, reminding your consumers where they purchased their covers. You may also manufacture the covers in various colors and styles or use your company's colors to display your signature.

The possibilities for designing these enclosures are limitless.

4. Complements a Variety of lifestyles

Phone covers come in various shapes and styles, owing to the wide range of smartphone users. This is why personalized phone covers are a terrific alternative for promotional marketing since they allow you to reach a diverse demographic to advertise your business.

You may personalize each printed phone cover to appeal to people from all walks of life. For example, some clients may like a basic yet attractive design, but others may prefer a more colorful and trendy look.

People always like to buy products where they have a lot of possibilities.

5. Low Price

A personalized phone cover is fashionable, but it is also inexpensive since you can buy it in bulk at a lower price. Cases made of silicone, for example, are already of excellent quality while remaining affordable.

If your clients want to, they may buy many at once because these phone covers are not expensive even if they buy three or four. Slip-Resistant

6. Slip-Resistant

Another significant advantage of a personalized phone case is that it is slip-resistant, which avoids or reduces the possibility of your clients' phones unintentionally sliding and falling, resulting in catastrophic damage.

Many high-end phones now have a sleek and narrow design, making them difficult to grip. However, your consumers may browse their phones without worrying about the gadget falling from their grasp with phone cases.

7. Narrow Fit

The printed cell phone cover also maintains precise tightness, ensuring that the phone is held securely no matter how your clients handle the device. However, the casings vary depending on the model of the device. Therefore, you'll need to obtain a broad range of kinds for different units, which you may readily customize.

There are phone cases that are slim while still securely holding the device. Others are thick, ensuring that your clients' phones are well-protected, particularly if the gadget falls from a higher height. In either case, you may assure your consumers that both thin and thick versions are well-fitting.

8. It is quick and straightforward to install.

Another advantage of having phone cases is that your consumers may quickly install and remove the covers. When it comes to removing the cover, your consumers do not require the aid of a professional.

This function is useful for those who want to change the covers frequently to fit the color or style of their attire or their mood. Putting on or removing the cover also takes little time, so busy clients can profit from this feature.

9. Changing Phone Cases Has No Effect on Phone Usage

Whether your consumers wish to replace the cover or remove it, for the time being, it does not affect the functioning of their phone. Their phone works well with or without the phone cases.

They may also quickly inspect the back of their phone at any moment without interfering with its operation.

10. Prevents accidental use of the power and volume buttons

Phone covers can also save your customers' phones from being damaged by mistakenly tapping exterior buttons such as power and volume. For example, if they use their phones and inadvertently hit these outer buttons, the covers will prevent them from doing so.

It needs an "intentional" movement to push it, which affects the volume and power buttons. This function is handy while their phone is inside their bag, as other objects cannot readily activate the buttons when there are only random motions within the pack.

11. Simple Access to Ports

Phone covers are also intended to make it easy to plug in and disconnect headphones and charge wires. For example, when charging their smartphone, your clients do not need to remove the cover since the case provides a suitable place for the cord.

With these advantages of a personalized phone case, you will have even more reasons to incorporate these phone covers in your promotional merchandise. They are reasonably priced, stylish, and may give a memorable experience for your customers.

Begin preparing your patterns and styles to build consumer loyalty and interest in a personalized smartphone cover.

How to Clean and Care for Every Type of Phone Case

Phone covers are essential for safeguarding your investment, especially if you own an iPhone. We'll teach you how to clean a smartphone cover, whether made of plastic, leather, cloth, wood, or silicone, to remove filth and bacteria.

Dish Soap for Cleaning a Clear Phone Case

The most simple approach for eliminating dirt and grime is to clean a transparent phone cover or a white silicone phone case with soap. Any soap will do to clean the case. Too much soap, on the other hand, produces a lot of suds and makes the work more difficult.

Set your phone aside after removing it from the transparent phone cover. If the case is made up of many sections, make sure to keep them separate for easier cleaning. Fill a tall pitcher halfway with warm water and one drop of dish soap.

Dip a toothbrush into the soapy water and gently stir it to generate moderate suds. Using the bristles of the brush, gently wipe the surface of the case, inside and out, in a circular motion. Don't forget to clean the case's corners and hard-to-reach areas.

After the filth has been removed, rinse the case under cool water and thoroughly dry it with a soft towel. Allow it to air dry for about an hour before reinstalling it on your phone.

Soap and water typically work well for cleaning most plastic things, including being the best and cheapest DIY plastic furniture cleaners. This combination is also an excellent method to clean a bowling ball and remove buildup.

Getting Rid of Stains on a Plastic Phone Case

Plastic stains readily, especially if not cleaned immediately. Baking soda is a minimally abrasive powder that absorbs stains and may be used to clean a plastic phone cover.

Take off the phone's case and set it aside. Sprinkle baking soda over the casing and scrub the discoloration away using a moist toothbrush. If required, reapply the powder and clean until the discoloration is gone.

To remove stubborn filth, use a pencil eraser to wipe the dirt away. Rinse the case under running water, then dry it with a soft towel before placing it over your phone.

To enhance night and bad weather eyesight while driving, use this easy paste to clear cloudy headlights.

How to Kill Germs in a Phone Case

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective methods for destroying germs and removing pathogens from a phone cover. Consider using a DIY disinfectant remedy to clean other surfaces.

Remove the case off your phone and place it to the side. Apply some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and gently massage it all over the case's surface.

Make sure you wipe all sides thoroughly, paying close attention to crevices. Wipe away the alcohol with a dry towel and let the case dry completely before reattaching it to your phone.

If you accidentally smear a permanent marker on your phone case, alcohol is an excellent way to remove the Sharpie.

Getting Rid of Yellowing on a White Phone Case

You should be proud of yourself for being so daring with white. A white phone case is no exception to the rule that white surfaces attract dust, filth, and stains. To make your phone's case seem brand new, use a little bleach and warm water.

In a container, add the bleach and water and whisk to blend. Remove your phone's case and soak it in the cleaning solution for five to ten minutes. Gently clean away filth with a toothbrush.

Remove the case from the bleach solution and rinse it well with cold, running water to remove any remaining bleach residue. Dry the plastic case with a gentle towel and let it air dry for about an hour before reattaching it to your phone.

Methods for Cleaning a Wooden Phone Case

Wood is a fashionable material, and cleaning a phone case made of it necessitates the use of specialized cleaning products. White vinegar is a safe cleaner that eliminates filth while also acting as a disinfectant, killing germs and viruses.

Shake a bottle sprayer with one part white vinegar and two parts water to thoroughly mix. Remove the case from your phone and place it in a secure location.

Spray the cleaner on one side of the case without saturating it, then wipe it clean using a microfiber cloth. Clean the opposite side by flipping it over. Wipe away any remaining residue with a gentle, dry cloth and reapply the case to your phone after it is totally dry.

Clean Leather Phone Cases

There are several advantages to using a leather phone cover, but one disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning it. A modest amount of mild hand soap and water will clean this material without causing any damage.

Pour warm water into a basin or container, add a spray of mild liquid soap, and stir to make a soapy solution. Because leather is vulnerable to water discoloration, do not apply the cleaner straight to it.

Instead, soak a section of the cloth in soapy water, wring it out, and gently wipe it over the case in a circular motion. Clean all surfaces of the case, front and back, and then wipe away any residue with a dry, soft cloth.

Finish by using saddle soap to repair and condition the leather. Dampen a soft cloth and apply a tiny quantity of saddle soap to it. Rub the soap into the leather with the cloth in gentle, circular strokes.

After working the conditioner into all sections of the case, wipe away any residue with a clean, dry cloth. Allow the phone case to air dry before re-sliding your phone into it.

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