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Do smartphone covers keep phones safe from damage?

Smartphone covers provide adequate phone protection. They mostly shield the phone's corners, back, and edges. When a smartphone is dropped, a good couple phone case cover will lessen the effects of shock and vibration, which can be hard on phones.

How can I protect my phone if I don't have a case?

The most important thing you can do is be extra cautious with your phone when it is not in its protective case. Place the phone in a secure location where it will not fall to the floor.

What is the best material for phone covers?

Rubber and silicone, both absorbent materials capable of absorbing shock and vibration, are excellent choices for smartphone cases. Plastic shells are ineffective because they do not diffuse impact away from the gadget.

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What are some of the disadvantages of couple phone cases?

The biggest disadvantage of phone cases is that they make your phone appear less appealing. They may make pressing buttons more challenging (if the covers are not specifically built for your phone). Cases can also trap debris and dust, causing your phone to be damaged.

 Are low-cost couple phone cases a good investment?

Cheap couple phone cases are OK as long as they are made of appropriate materials and fit the size of your phone. Avoid using leather cases. They're not perfect for phone security.

Create a couple phone case using your design.

You can easily create your own phone case with our phone case creator. We have phone covers for over 200 distinct models! From the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy, we've got you covered. With our phone case builder, you can just imagine your phone case. All you have to do is select your phone and upload the image you want to see on the cover. We will guarantee that the image is replicated as accurately as possible.

Create a new cover for beautiful phone protection.

People nowadays almost live with their phones in their hands. The more often you use your phone, the more likely something will go wrong. Our phone covers are intended to protect your phone. When you use a custom case to protect your phone, the odds of it getting damaged are considerably reduced. Most phone covers are pretty boring, which is why people routinely risk destroying their phones. You can create your own case exactly the way you want it. This way, you can protect your phone while still appearing trendy.

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Choosing the Best Smartphone Case: A Buyer's Guide

Before you buy a phone cover, there are a few things you should know. This purchasing guide will go through several form factors, materials that are often used, countless added features, and companies to avoid. Let's get this party started right now.

One of the most important considerations you'll make when selecting a case is the sort of case you want—its form factor. Here are a handful of the most common choices:

Standard: These cases protect the back and sides of your smartphone while still providing full-screen access. To protect the screen from direct damage, a raised lip is sometimes used to surround it. This simple design is the go-to option for many users due to its lightweight, good protection, and ease of use.


Although this basic cover regularly exposes the rear of your phone, it is protected by shock-absorbing materials surrounding each corner. To make matters even more complicated, bumpers may have thin or translucent backs. Bumper cases are lightweight yet offer little protection.

 Tough: These cases prioritize protection above style, and they are usually constructed with many layers of varied materials for maximum impact. Aside from protecting against spills, knicks, and scratches, certain tough cases include particular defenses against water or dust penetration and, as a result, have an IP rating, such as IP68. The first number is usually six, indicating overall dust resistance, while the second number is usually seven or eight, signifying water resistance. Check to make sure that this protection only applies to certain places and times, like up to one meter and then only for 30 minutes.

Folio: A folio case, as the name indicates, operates like a book, with one half covering the back and sides of your phone and the other half covering the screen. These covers are somewhat thick and do not allow rapid access to your phone's screen, but they make up for it with excellent screen protection and space for other features like card slots or supports. Folios are also referred to as wallets or flip cases.

The bag is unique in that it completely encircles your smartphone on all sides. This provides some protection, but it also requires you to remove your phone from the pouch before using it – and such use is frequent when damage from knocks or drops happens. Because pouches do not need to be custom-made for each smartphone, you may reuse a single bag for a number of smartphones of comparable size.

Materials: Smartphone

covers are generally made of various types of plastic, but there are other materials available. Here are some of the most prevalent options, as well as explanations:

 Silicone/Gel/Rubber: These soft and flexible materials go by a number of names, but they are generally inexpensive to produce, provide light protection, and typically have a grip to prevent accidental drops.

Plastics: The most popular polymers used in smartphone covers are polycarbonate and TPU. Polycarbonate is scratch and impact-resistant, but TPU is softer and less so. Multiple layers of each of these materials provide better protection than a single layer of each substance. Furthermore, unlike silicone, these polymers enable more intricate and complicated designs.

 Leather or leatherette: Another popular material for folio, flip, and wallet-style cases is leather or leather-look materials. They survive longer than plastics, but they are somewhat thicker on average than plastic casings. A real leather case is usually more expensive than a case made out of synthetic leather in this category, but both have a timeless look and feel.

Aluminum: Metals are less commonly used in smartphone covers due to their proclivity to interfere with wireless signal strength. However, this may be overcome with innovative engineering (or the use of numerous materials). Aluminum alloys are a common material option because they are rigid and scratch-resistant. However, they may have less impact resistance than more flexible materials.

Wood: Wood is not commonly used for smartphone covers since it is expensive to make in large quantities. Because of its stiffness, it requires the use of many pieces of glue to attach it around your phone. It does, however, provide a distinct design and feel, as well as enough protection.

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Everyone Should Have a couple Phone Case

In her experience, water damage is less common than screen damage, although she did observe that aquatic events tend to occur over long weekends and summers when swimmers take their phones for a dip. Some iPhone cases are waterproof and drop-tested, allowing them to withstand unexpected dunks.

Water damage has been less of a concern because water resistance has become standard in the top phones, but bear in mind that this type of protection does not extend to the ocean. A waterproof case is a wise investment if your phone is likely to come into contact with seawater.

If you're always pushing your phone's battery to its limits, here are some cases that double as chargers. Folio or wallet cases may accommodate your phone as well as other necessities such as your ID and that stamp card you always forget to bring to the ice cream store. As an extra bonus, some of them may offer a surprising degree of protection, with full coverage around the edges and a metal clasp to hold the phone safe.

Non-iPhone users may have a more difficult time getting personalized phone covers. Many phone cover designers concentrate solely on iPhones. You will have a lot of options if you have a Samsung phone, a Google Pixel, or even a OnePlus phone, but your options will be restricted after that. You should go to a local phone repair shop and have a custom case manufactured for your phone.

Is Using a Screen Protector Necessary?

Screen coverings, which adhere to the phone's touchscreen surface, are widely available at phone accessory stores. Our experts say that tempered glass screen protectors are better than plastic screen protectors at protecting your screen from scratches.

Look for screen protectors with a hardness rating of 9H. It's the proper thickness, yet the screen retains its high-definition clarity.

However, the level of protection provided by a screen protector against damaging effects is limited. Adhesive screen protectors protect phones from direct attack on the touchscreen, but they are less effective when the phone is struck from the sides or corners. A case should be used in conjunction with a screen protector made of tempered glass.

Amazing Reasons Why You Need a couple Phone Case

One of the most efficient ways to protect your smartphone is to use a phone cover. It provides various benefits for your phone, yet smartphones are costly to acquire owing to their high price.

 As a result, you must protect your smartphone in order for it to last and provide value for the money you paid for it. There are several couple phone cases available today; all you have to do is choose the one that is the best fit for your phone. Some of the reasons why you should use a phone cover are as follows:

It extends the life of your phone.

The way you treat your phone determines its durability. It will last longer if properly protected, but it will wear quickly if mishandled.

 The good news is that phone cases help to protect your phone and extend its life by keeping it safe. Even if it falls, it will be safer than falling naked and unprotected.

 Are they dust-proof?

Dust is one of the most prevalent issues affecting mobile phones since it obstructs some of the phone's functions, such as the speakers. This usually demands periodic phone cleaning. Furthermore, dust deteriorates your phone's housing, leading it to lose its original color over time. Even if your phone is brand new, it will eventually appear old and unpleasant.


Couple phone cases, on the other hand, protect your phone from dust since they are enclosed inside and the dust only stops on the case, which you can wash away with a clean cloth and you're good to go.

It protects the phone's screen.

A phone case not only protects your phone's back and sides, but it also protects the screen. It shields your phone's screen so that even if it falls, the screen does not touch the ground.

 Do you want to know how? This is because a good phone case protrudes above the screen of your phone, and when it falls, only the case hits the ground. The best part is that most phone cases in Australia are made of rubber and bounce on the ground to protect your screen.

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Are there anti-slip mats?

The majority of phone cases on the market are soft to the touch and comfortable to grip. They include anti-slip characteristics that enable a firm grip.

So, if you put your phone in a phone case, you'll be able to grip it tightly in your hands without it slipping. This makes it less likely to slip and fall, which will help your phone last longer.

They have a diverse selection.

There are several phone covers on the market now that come in a range of colors, shapes, materials, and designs, to mention a few. All you have to do is choose the finest phone case for your phone model.

 There are couple phone cases for almost every type of smartphone, so it doesn't matter what type of phone you have.

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