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The Advantages of Using a Phone Case

Accidents happen no matter how cautious you are. Even if you have AppleCare+ or an Android warranty, you might be looking at hundreds of dollars in repairs if you drop your phone and shatter it.

Most people are concerned about phone drops since the display may be broken. Dropping your naked phone on a hard surface, on the other hand, may cause damage to the phone's internal components. If other phone components fail, Apple and other phone manufacturers will be forced to replace the entire phone.

To relieve stress, use a phone cover. Spending as little as $15 on a suitable surface can spare you from the excessive expense of cell phone repairs – or, worse, from having to buy a new phone!

Furthermore, your case may have a purpose other than simply protecting your phone:

  • Wallet cases allow you to keep credit cards, IDs, shopping carts, and other items on your phone with ease, ensuring that you never leave home without the basics.
  • Waterproof cases allow you to take photographs or videos underwater while keeping your phone safe from accidental submersion.
  • Designed cases, such as a Harry Potter-themed cover or a one-of-a-kind dog picture, allow you to express your personality.

How to Clean Phone Cases of 5 Different Materials: Silicone, Plastic, Wood, Leather, and Rubber

How did our once-beautiful phone cases degrade so drastically? Because we use our phones every day, they are subjected to environmental conditions such as UV radiation, humidity, heat, dust, friction, and so on. As a result, their surfaces are subjected to frequent wear and tear, which might result in stains. Even if there are no obvious stains on your phone cover, it is still advisable to keep your case free of germs and bacteria. This is especially true if your phone is filthier than a toilet seat. Depending on the type of phone case you have, we have listed many techniques for cleaning it:

Phone cases in plastic and silicon

Begin by putting dish soap and water in a basin for the best approach to cleaning silicone phone covers. When the water is soapy, put your phone case in the basin and soak it for a few minutes. To keep the case submerged, you may need to lay a weight on it.

Scrub lightly with a toothbrush to remove stains and clean around the edges. If you come across a very persistent stain, you may also add baking soda. Scrub your phone case until all the dirt is gone, then rinse it in cold water. This technique also works well on clear plastic phone covers. You may then use a microfiber towel to absorb the water without harming your case. We recommend our suede microfiber cloth because it is incredibly soft and has a flat weave that prevents lint or stains from being left behind. Allow the case to air dry for roughly an hour before reinstalling it on your phone to ensure there is no residual moisture.

If you have a white phone case,

If your silicone phone case is white and only mildly filthy, you may use the same approach as described above to wash and dry it. On the other hand, white cases tend to accumulate dirt faster and frequently become yellow or develop visible stains. So, if your white phone cover requires additional cleaning power, combine bleach and water in a basin. Too much bleach can destroy silicone casings, so only a tiny amount should be used. You can dilute one teaspoon of bleach in warm water and immerse your case in it for a few minutes. The bleach should aid in the removal of stubborn stains and discoloration.

Rubber phone case

Rubber phone cases, like silicone cases, can be readily cleaned with a mixture of dish soap and water. This is the most basic method for cleaning phone cases. Soak the case in soapy water and use a toothbrush to clean around the edges. Then, using a microfiber towel, clean the rubber casing. If the stains on your rubber phone case persist, moisten the cloth with isopropyl alcohol and clean it again. You may also add a little borax to the soapy water and soak your rubber case for an hour. To dry on rubber, always use a flat, woven, lint-free microfiber cloth, such as our microfiber suede cloths. This will prevent streaks and lint from remaining.

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others, particularly in white or transparent rubber casings. If you still can't get rid of all the dirt, make a paste of baking soda and water. Spread the paste all over your rubber case and let it sit aside to cure for a few hours. Then, brush the paste away and rinse your case. Try this procedure if you want to know how to clean rubber phone cases thoroughly.

Wooden phone case

Because wood is the most fragile phone case surface, it is critical to dust your wood phone cases more frequently. This will keep oil, grime, and debris from seeping into the surface or damaging it. If at all possible, avoid using water to clean your wood phone cover. Wood may degrade if it is exposed to too much water. Instead, keep your wood case in good condition by cleaning it on a regular basis with a dry microfiber cloth. While tissues and other clothes can leave scratches on wood, microfiber cloths have fine strands that absorb debris without damaging the surface. 

To remove stubborn filth from your wooden phone case, moisten the microfiber cloth with a tiny bit of water and wipe. If the residue is very sticky, dilute a few drops of white vinegar in water and dip your cloth in the solution. Never apply a liquid directly to the wood casing; instead, use a cloth. Then, using a dry microfiber towel, absorb any extra water. Because wood is porous, dry it with a fluffy or terry microfiber towel. This ensures that you are getting into the tiniest cracks and crevices.

Phone Case in Leather

Leather phone cases should be washed with a gentle solution. You may gently clean your leather case with a moist microfiber towel and mild hand soap. Distribute the soap evenly across the cloth. Use a mild cleaner in conjunction with a dry cloth if you have one. When drying, use a plusher terry microfiber towel rather than a flat woven one. This is due to the fact that leather is porous, and you want to ensure that you are getting into the tiniest cracks and crevices of the material.

When washing and drying, always massage in circular motions and be as gentle as possible. This will prevent you from stretching the leather. Keep in mind that the materials and solutions you use on your leather case might change its appearance and color, so the easier the cleaning task, the better.

Burga is a trendy business specializing in creating secure and fashionable phone covers that allow you to express yourself. They may cater to any style or desire with over 100+ options. That's why they score 10 points in the style department from me. Whether I'm out in the great outdoors or searching for an extra item for a night out, I always discover cases that exactly fit my clothing.

Tough or Snap?

As previously said, they provide a variety of styles and two types of phone cases: Snap and Tough.

A single layer of solid plastic is used to make the snap casing. It's thin, keeps your phone's original form and aesthetic, and is ideal for coffee dates. Furthermore, it includes a raised bezel to protect the screen and camera.

The Tough case, on the other hand, is the protective version with two layers: an inner layer of black silicone that protects the phone from all sides while allowing easy access to buttons and ports; and an outer layer of black silicone that protects the phone from all sides while allowing easy access to buttons and ports. It also includes shock-absorbing characteristics and a solid plastic outer layer with a quality design. They also have a 1.2 mm increased bezel around the screen.

I mainly prefer the TOUGH version because it is designed to resist all of the drops and is more beneficial to me when experiencing everything the world offers.

Let's go into the details that made me fall in love with Burga. First, consider the high-quality glossy prints that are scratch-resistant and will not fade. In addition, if something goes wrong with your case, they provide a 12-month warranty. This implies that your money is secure with them because their customer service team is always there to assist you.

Favorite Things

It all sounds fantastic on paper, so I've chosen two of my faves to highlight here since they are unique!

The Emerald Pool phone case is the ideal blend of marble and an appealing green hue. While I say I receive praises for it when I wear it on my phone, I'm not joking. It has a visually beautiful and luxurious appearance, and the TOUGH version keeps my phone safe and secure.

Drifting Shores is the one I reach for the most. The line-art-inspired design reminds me of topographical maps and is ideal for my lifestyle because travel, maps, and I go hand in hand. Of course, I need a case for a traveler who appears to be inspired by a map.

Overall, Burga is a brand for consumers who wish to safeguard their phones while being fashionable. And with Burga, I'm able to do so with ease.

Burga Cell Phone Case.

I found the ideal pearl phone cover and haven't been inspired by a single one since. Until I saw the designs Burga was displaying—especially these!

The images

I'm an extremely visual person. I appreciate lovely things, and I like them to complement my everyday style, which includes my accessories. I was drawn to the "Almond Latte" case, which is the beige leopard pattern case, and decided to give it a try. From there, I fell into the new Shades of Earth collection, where I discovered my favorite "So Lush" case, which reminds me of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Cost

The Snap Cases cost $25.95 USD, while the Tough Cases cost $31.95. Given how expensive phone covers may get, they are really reasonable and of high quality for the price. They are currently doing a mid-summer promotion in which you can get BOGO FREE on all of their cases!

The many types of snap cases

My personal favorite is the snap case. Why? I'm fairly easy with my phone and keep it in my pockets whenever possible. Because it doesn't add bulk to my already oversized phone, the ultra-fitted and lightweight case allows me to do so! If your phone is facing down, the snap case clings just over the top of the edges, safeguarding the screen.

A tough case 

This case is for all of you phone droppers out there, or for those who need a little additional protection without sacrificing style! It has a soft inner layer of silicone and a rigid outer layer of plastic.

Even if you prefer a more elegant case, this style of case might be useful. It's ideal for travel or any other day when you'll be using your phone often and on the run. I normally snap a million photographs whenever I go anywhere. The more you take your phone in and out of your handbag, the more likely it is that you will drop it. This is an excellent moment for one of these difficult situations!

Keep this in mind.

To clarify, although the silicone layer and plastic layer may be separated when purchasing a Tough Case, you cannot put the plastic case on by itself since it is a different size to fit the silicone. Due to size, you cannot install a Snap Case on top of the silicone layer designed for Tough Cases. I hope that's clear!

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