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About this Battery Phone Cases

  • A power bank that doubles as a smartphone case
  • Doubles as both a battery charger and a phone, so you never need to worry about running out of juice again
  • Built-in LED charge indicator to show your battery's status
  • Lightweight and compact, it's perfect for traveling or just carrying around on a daily basis.
  • Large battery that gives many extra hours of power to smartphones and other gadgets so you can travel worry-free
  • sleek design and high-quality protection for your phone

Product Description

Smartphones are a huge part of our lives. We often place a lot of personal information on our phones and use it for work, so we want to keep them safe. Our battery phone cases are available in iPhone and android varieties and have an extra-large battery capacity to ensure your phone lasts all day.

Having a portable charger on hand can help guarantee you always have enough power for your smartphone and other gadgets, but carrying around a second device when all you need is a few more hours of battery life can be cumbersome. A smartphone battery case is a more elegant option suited to your phone and avoids the wire management that comes with power banks.

Smartphone battery cases are the preferred choice for people who want to prolong the life of their phone battery. You have to worry about keeping up with the cord and finding an outlet to charge your phone with a power bank. A smartphone battery case is much more discreet and elegant, heating up quickly and easily connecting to your phone's charging port.

If you're always on the go and your phone doesn't last through the day, a good battery case is essential. People must have a good battery case to ensure that they are never without power. It should charge your phone quickly and give you the extra power you need to get through any situation.

A good battery case should be able to accomplish a few things. For starters, it should give your phone lots of extra energy. Many people, fortunately, have a few thousand milliamp-hours of energy. They should also safeguard your phone because they're cases. They shouldn't interfere with your phone's functionality, such as NFC, or add too much heft if you want something really phone-friendly.

We have a selection of battery covers for the most popular smartphones. Whether your phone is from Apple, Samsung, or Google, you should find something good here. If you like a case but have a different smartphone model, you might be able to locate alternative variants of the same case that will work with different phones.


With the popularity of smartphones, it's no surprise that many people are searching for a way to preserve battery life. The phone case battery offers convenience and peace of mind, as it's always on hand when you need it most. It can be charged with a lightning cable or micro-USB cable and provides up to 1 week of use on your smartphone or up to 4 charges for your other gadgets.

The phone case battery provides a powerful, long-lasting charge for your phone or other gadgets. Its lithium-ion technology and rugged design ensures maximum performance for all your devices. The battery is engineered to fit inside a protective case and is designed to work in any weather condition. With the phone case battery, you never have to worry about running out of power again.

With this portable charger, you can be assured that your devices will never run out of power again. Made with a lithium-ion battery, this device is energy efficient and easy to use. It's also small and lightweight so you can take it anywhere, from work to the park.

You're a traveler, and you want to make sure you have the best way to charge your phone on the go. You don't want to worry about whether or not your phone will last the day when you need it most. That's why the 2-in-1 battery charger is perfect for you because it has a built-in LED charge indicator so that you'll always know just how much battery life you have remaining.

This compact, lightweight, portable battery charger is specially designed for smartphone users on the go. It features a USB cable that will charge your phone in no time. The battery has enough power for up to 3 full charges, making it perfect for those who are always forgetting to charge their phones.

A power bank is a portable battery device that can recharge batteries. They are often used to charge mobile devices outside of a power grid. Power banks have also been used to power household items like televisions and microwaves during blackouts or natural disasters.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Battery Case

When it comes to the best charging case, there are a number of factors that come into play. Consumers need to balance things like battery capacity and size with the price. Generally, the more affordable option is the one with a smaller battery and less overall capacity but is also much smaller and easier to carry around.

You would assume that choosing the perfect battery case for your phone is as simple as selecting the one with the largest capacity, but that's a certain way to wind up with something that's too big to fit in your pocket and that you'll have to leave at home all the time.

The best charging case is one that strikes the ideal combination of battery capacity, size, and price. The best charging case for you is the one that has a battery with a sufficient charge to power your device for an entire day. The best charging case should be lightweight and easy to carry around with you. And finally, the best charging case should be affordable, so it doesn't break the bank.

A portable charger is a better option if you merely need a battery case to throw in your backpack when you need it. It's pointless to buy something molded to suit your phone if you're never going to put it inside the charging case, wasting space that could otherwise be utilized to fit extra energy cells. With that in mind, look for a battery case that fits comfortably in your pocket and isn't too heavy.

Another issue with selecting the highest capacity battery is that it is sometimes the only feature available. For the sake of holding more energy, all of the most significant capacity battery cases we've seen lose rapid charging and Qi charging characteristics. That latter capability is helpful for wirelessly charging both your phone and battery case at the same time if you want to have the charge chase on your phone at all times.

What Are the Best Battery Cases for Smartphones?

Choosing the right phone battery cover is always a hard decision. There are so many options on the market, and it's tough to know which one will be the best for your needs. Here we have compiled a list of some things you should keep in mind when shopping around.

Style: There are distinctions between a battery case and a battery pack. The most notable is that a battery pack (or portable charger) must be connected to your phone to charge it, whereas a battery case attaches to your phone like any other phone case. Make sure your phone is "docked" within the case and turn the power switch on to charge it. There are no more cords or external chargers to lug about. The most delicate phone battery cases function as a phone case and a charger.

Compatibility: For a battery case to charge correctly, it must be connected to a Qi-enabled device. Apple iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S7 and up, and Sony Xperia XZ2 and up are all Qi (pronounced "chee")-enabled smartphones, but always verify before buying. Wireless charging between small distances, generally less than 40mm thick, is best accomplished with Qi-enabled cases.

Size: It may seem self-evident, but the more power a charging case delivers your phone, the larger it will be. With a battery capacity of more than 2,500mAh (about double the average battery life), the patient will often add weight and girth to your smartphone. Keep this in mind when looking for cases with the most charging capacity.

Charging Option: While most battery cases now support wireless Qi charging, others still need you to utilize your phone's lightning socket or charge over micro USB. This makes it more difficult to use wired headphones to listen to music or connect your phone to your computer while charging simultaneously. However, they charge a bit faster than Qi-enabled charging, so choose wisely.

Durability: Due to their larger size and form, specific battery covers may provide the same level of protection as robust, protective phone cases, complete with ridges and raised edges. However, keep in mind that due to the integrated battery, most are not waterproof. You should be alright if you store it in a different bag pocket than your water bottle.

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